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The 2023 Fisker Ocean is one of those electric SUVs that could really change the face of electric SUVs altogether. It’s the most recent electric vehicle from Fisker, but it isn’t the first. In fact, Fisker put out an electric vehicle roughly 15 years ago, though the electric vehicle market has certainly picked up since then. What do we know about the Fisker Ocean? When will it be released? And, perhaps most importantly, what will the Fisker Ocean price be?

A silver 2023 Fisker Ocean parked outside of a house.
2023 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

How much will the 2023 Fisker Ocean cost?

The 2023 Fisker Ocean should start at about $37,499. Of course, as with most electric vehicles these days, there are incentives which could make that price less. If you want to upgrade your Fisker Ocean SUV, it’s easy to do. There are a total of three trim levels available on the Fisker Ocean. The official details were released at the LA Auto show.

The Fisker Ocean electric SUV model will come in the following three trim levels: the Standard Sport, Ultra, and Extreme. In addition, Fisker Ocean will consider the first 5,000 electric SUVs made their special launch edition. These will be called Ocean One. Each of these limited edition Fisker Ocean SUVs will feature a Fisker Ocean One label, everything in the Extreme trim level, and also 22″ wheels.

The Fisker Ocean Ultra will start at $49,999, and the Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One will each start at $68,999. In addition to these prices, Fisker Ocean will have a unique program similar to leasing, but also not similar to leasing. For $379 per month, you can lease a Fisker Ocean, but there are no term limits and you can cancel it at any time. After twelve years, of leased driving, Fisker Ocean will retire and recycle the electric SUV. This does require an initial payment of $2,999, and it includes up to 30,000 miles per year.

What will the Fisker Ocean range be?

The base model is the Fisker Ocean Sport. That will be available with 250 miles of range and come with FWD. The middle model, the Fisker Ocean Ultra, will be AWD and get 340 miles per charge. At least part of the difference in range between these two trim levels of the Fisker Ocean is their batteries. While the Fisker Ocean Sport will have a lithium iron phosphate battery, the Fisker Ocean Ultra’s battery will be Nickel Manganese Cobalt. That’s the same battery as the one in the Fisker Ocean Extreme and the Fisker Ocean One. That Fisker Ocean electric SUV will be capable of at least 350 miles per charge.

The batteries and range aren’t the only thing that vary in the Fisker Ocean SUVs. The Fisker Ocean Sport’s horsepower will be 275, while the Fisker Ocean Ultra will have a whopping 540 hp. At the top of the Fisker Ocean pyramid is the Extreme with its 550 hp.

The Fisker Ocean release took place at…well, the ocean

The Fisker Ocean technically had two releases. Its soft release took place in Manhattan Beach. Its second, official release was at the LA Auto Show on November 17, 2021. The Fisker Ocean electric SUV was displayed at the South Hall of the LA Convention Center. According to Electrek, the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore was the background for the Ocean’s debut, which was entirely appropriate.

In the Fisker Ocean release, founder highlighted the electric SUV’s sustainability. The Fisker Ocean interior is made of recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and tee-shirts.


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