The Porsche Taycan Just Added Completely Unnecessary Apple Features

For those in the market for a $100,000 karaoke machine, the Porsche Taycan might be their answer. While the Taycan is filled to the brim with enough horsepower, features, and brand loyalty to be an industry giant, a recent upgrade gave the car Apple Podcasts and the ability to read lyrics on infotainment screens away from the driver, according to MotorTrend. The decision was met with mockery as many believe this update to be useless in the grand scheme of things. 

The Porsche Taycan’s infotainment system

When it comes to Porsche products, the number of add-on features will always be more than your standard car, and the Taycan is no exception. Built with more screens than some movie theaters, the vehicle has two touchscreens, including one mounted on the dashboard and another in the center stack. 

With safety in mind, the Taycan also comes with its virtual assistant so that people can switch radio stations, find their favorite song, or access one of the many help and safety features wired into the car. Like most infotainment systems, the system also comes with Apple CarPlay and the option for a third touchscreen by the passenger’s seat. 

Porsche has always been at the cutting edge of technology in the car industry, but it doesn’t mean it always hits. While all these features, on their own, are impressive, helpful, and luxurious for a six-figure car, a recent software update has people wondering what Porsche thought when it came up with a concept.

Songs, podcasts, and similar mediums are staples of any commuter’s life. However, by adding a new feature, Porsche has people wondering if the car giant is officially losing its mind. 

Apple and Porsche

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In many ways, it makes sense that Apple would work so closely with Porsche regarding the car’s technical side. After all, they are two giants of their respective industries known for high-priced features matched by reliable performance. However, Porsche may have gone too far with its latest integration of an Apple feature. 

Drivers who sign into their Apple ID will get access to several features that are standard across its many devices. Whether they want to access their podcasts or continue an album that they were listening to before, the Apple CarPlay features help make these things safe and easy to control with just the driver’s voice.

Unlike many cars, this does not require an iPhone to access either. The apple software is built right into the infotainment system. OF course, this is Porsche that we are talking about. The system does not come cheap. In fact, it will add over a thousand dollars to the price tag of the car. Balanced against the silliness of one particular feature, and this price tag might seem a little excessive, even for those clamoring for a Porsche. 

A $100,000 karaoke machine 

Perhaps taking the lead from James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke, one of the stranger features in Apple CarPlay on the Taycan lets the lyrics to some songs appear on the infotainment screens. Of course, this doesn’t appear to the driver, who has to worry about getting to another location safely. Passengers, however, can enjoy as the words to their favorite songs appear on screens. 

It’s the type of feature that nobody asked for but shows the further blurring of the lines between an infotainment system and a phone or tablet. For those who want their passengers to provide the soundtrack to their drives, however, they can do so for over $100,000. If Porsche is going here already, one can only dream of what future upgrades might bring into their car.