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Look on the Fisker website and you’ll see photos not just of the brand new Fisker Ocean SUV, but also the images that Fisker wants you to associate with their new electric SUV. There’s a shot of a new silver Fisker Ocean sitting outside of a California-style home, complete with late-afternoon sunspots dotting the photo. It’s both cutting-edge and nostalgic at the same time. This is representative of the Fisker Ocean as a whole. It’s an incredible SUV, made at least partly of recycled materials and with all the bells and whistles you’d want in a new car in today’s technology-driven automotive market. At the same time, it has a carefree, laissez-faire attitude that makes you feel like you’ve bucked the luxury vehicle trend while still riding in complete comfort. And, it’s more affordable than your average electric SUV. 

A person's hair blows around their head.
An image from the Fisker website | Fisker

The Fisker Ocean is made of recycled materials

The interior of a 2023 Fisker Ocean.
2023 Fisker Ocean interior | Fisker Ocean

If you’re interested in preserving the environment for as long as possible (and if you’re shopping electric, it’s almost a guarantee that you are), you’ll love the recycled Fisker Ocean interior. The Fisker website includes a Sustainable Materials section. It details just how earth-friendly the Ocean is (plus, it’s named the Ocean. It practically screams earthy). 

The Fisker Ocean has a vegan interior with “ethically sourced, upcycled materials throughout.” To be truly vegan would be a feat. No car manufacturer has found a way to be completely animal-friendly. Even those with faux-leather interiors generally use lard to grease car parts. 

In addition, “The eco-friendly cabin features high-grade upholstery, carpets, and interior details made from recycled plastic bottles, repurposed rubber waste, worn-out t-shirts, and abandoned fishing nets pulled from the ocean.” You might as well have single-handedly saved an actual whale from a fishing net.

Solar panels aren’t just for your house anymore

The solar panels on top of a 2023 Fisker Ocean.
2023 Fisker Ocean solar panels | Fisker Ocean

Fisker may not be the first electric vehicle manufacturer to make the SUV roof a solar panel, but they are certainly the crunchiest. With the Fisker Ocean’s solar panel-enabled roof, Fisker says you’ll be able to get up to 1,500 miles a year, and maybe even up to 2,000 or more in absolutely ideal conditions. 

You can even use your Fisker Ocean to charge your house, if you ever lose power. Fisker says that you can charge your home for up to seven days using the Ocean’s “bidirectional onboard charger.”

California Mode will make you feel like you’re driving down A1A, even in Wisconsin

A silver 2023 Fisker Ocean parked outside of a house.
2023 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

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Have you looked at the Fisker Ocean website yet? You should. The photos depict hair flying, rain droplets, and smiling people. There are also a few pictures of the SUV. It’s a brilliantly designed website that will almost certainly appeal to those who used to spend their days at the beach, now take their kids to school, and would still kinda like to feel like the surf bums they used to be. It will also appeal to actual surf bums. 

In addition to the feeling that one might get from perusing the Fisker website, there’s also a “California Mode” in the two top tier levels of the Fisker Ocean. These are the Fisker Ultra and the Fisker Extreme. With one push of a button, California Mode allows you to put down all the windows in your electric SUV at once, and feel the rush of fresh air against your face. You just might even get a whiff of salty ocean air if you inhale deeply enough.

The Fisker Ocean will be available in late 2022, and start at $37,499. Higher trim levels will, of course, cost a little more. Sure, it may be another electric SUV in a newly burgeoning electric vehicle market, but Fisker is selling more than just an electric car. It’s selling a lifestyle.