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The Ford F-150 is THE pickup truck. That’s not to say that it is objectively the best, but it is the most popular of its kind that has ever been made. The age of electric cars is upon us, and still, the Ford F-150 is a significant player with its newest iteration, the Ford F-150 Lightning. While keeping true to the other F-150 models, the Lightning’s interior is a bit more dressed up, and it looks like a million bucks. 

2022 ford F-150 Lightning winter range tips
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

What does the Ford F-150 Lightning interior look like? 

Ford didn’t completely redesign the Lightning’s interior to look like the Enterprise. In fact, at first glance, you might think it’s just an F-150. However, Ford actually classied the joint up a little bit. 

MotorTrend called the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning interior “fancy and functional.” Although MT notes that the interior is almost identical to other Ford F-150 interiors, one major update is the addition of the ginormous infotainment screen. If it feels a little (a lot) like the Ford Mustang Mach-E screen, well, it’s because it is that screen. 

MotorTrend reviewers note that although they typically don’t love the “soft” buttons, Ford’s done a good job with these. Climate control, menus, music, and more are said to be easy to adjust, and swapping between menus is simple. Cleaver features like automatically showing the locations of charging locations, sharp graphics, and a fast processor make the user experience feel luxurious. 

Not for nothing, the size of the display is pretty impressive and adds another level of luxury, giving the dressed-up Ford F-150 cabin an upscale feel. 

Are the Ford F-150 Lightning seats comfortable? 

Ford made some changes in this department for the Lightning. The front seats can lay flat now, allowing the driver and passenger to nap while charging. MotorTrend commends its cleverness but notes that it isn’t the most comfortable position. In order to lay the seat down all the way, the rear seats have to be lifted, and your knees are still bent at 90 degrees. Overall, MotorTrend says the F-150 Lightning’s seats are “comfortable, supportive, and wide.” 

The rear seats offer plenty of headroom and legroom for passengers. 

Is the Ford F-150 Lightning interior better than the Rivian R1T? 

MotorTrend admits that the Rivian’s interior is a more luxurious experience, as it should be, given the much higher starting price. However, the MT reviewers picked the Lightning as the overall better option to buy because the interior is still really nice while offering more value than the pricy Rivian. 

Despite the normal F-150 interior and the Lightning interior being very similar, the is no doubt that the handful of interior upgrades Ford made to the electric version stepped put the Lightning ahead of its gassy cousin.


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