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You aren’t alone if you’re still waiting for your Ford F-150 Lightning order. Unfortunately, Ford continues to struggle with shockingly high demand. The Ford F-150 Lightning suddenly took off with a surge of damned as significant issues caused delays. 

What is causing Ford F-150 Lightning delays? 

Ford F-150 Lightning wait time
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Multiple supply chain issues have been plaguing the Ford F-150 Lightning. According to AutoBlog, Ford ran out of blue oval badges. In September, deliveries were stopped until the official badges could be added. 

Other shortages in the auto industry include materials for hard tops, seat cushions, and tires. But nothing smacked the F-150 Lightning like the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. Ford prioritized the existing supply of chips for electric vehicles, but they’re still coming up short. 

Also, supply chain constraints have made things more expensive. Precious metals for battery packs are getting more difficult to source. The price of the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro recently went up by $5,000, and that was the second price increase of the year. 

How long is the F-150 Lightning wait? 

If you’re lucky, your Ford F-150 Lightning order will be completed in about four to six months. But in reality, you could be waiting for years.

There is currently a backlog of orders that could take three to four years to fill. It’s disappointing that some F-150 Lightning reservation holders won’t receive their trucks until 2024. 

After receiving more orders than expected, the order books closed last December. Ford received 200,000 reservations at a rapid rate. The order books may not reopen until the summer of 2023, so Ford can catch up with the massive backlog. 

Initially, Ford planned to build 55,000 units in 2022 and increase the production to 80,000 trucks in 2023. Perhaps Ford could produce 160,000 trucks by 2025. However, that’s when the second-generation lighting is scheduled to debut. 

This timeline is too slow, so Ford is making changes. According to Auto Blog, Ford is building a new factory next to the existing F-150 Lightning plant to increase production. The structure is having its walls ripped out to be completely remodeled. 

It’s currently unclear when the new F-150 Lightning will be up and running. But in the meantime, Ford is working to double its existing production to 150,000 Ford Lightning models annually. This would certainly put a dent in the waiting time. 

Is the F-150 Lightning worth waiting for? 

A black Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum all-electric pickup truck model driving on a country highway
Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum | The Ford Motor Company

Waiting for the Ford F-150 Lightning could have its perks. We’ve been behind the wheel and enjoyed the rapid acceleration. The extended-range model can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.0 seconds. Also, the brakes are firm and confident. 

It has a comfortable ride over the pavement, a dead silent interior, plenty of passenger space, and unique tech features. We liked doodling on the infotainment system and playing games. 

However, we never achieved fast charging speeds, lost a considerable amount of charge while towing a light load, and the 2022 Lightning felt a little lumbering. It has a wide and inconvenient turning radius. 

Perhaps by 2023 or 2024, the charging issues will and towing problems will be corrected. But the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV are attractive rivals.


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