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The 2022 Ford F-150 EV is going to shake the truck world to pieces. Every time there is some new information, the internet is set ablaze. With such a fiercely competitive segment as the electric pickup truck, it is funny that Rivian, Tesla, and the like have been pushing for coverage and big announcements while the electric Ford F-150 barely clears its throat and everyone quiets down to listen. The F-150 has power like that. 

Close up on the Ford logo
The Ford corporate logo | Mark Renders/Getty Images

In the most recent spy photo leaks, the camouflage dash shows the infotainment system and screen from the Mustang Mach E. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise but seeing “Mustang” parts in an F-150 is still strange. 

The 2022 Ford F-150 EV has the Mustang Mach E screen

According to spy shots gathered by Autoblog, the Mach E screen swap suspicions were confirmed. The electric F-150 is officially getting a massive screen much like that in the Teslas. 

Unlike the 2021 Ford F-150 and other current models, the Ford Expedition and the Mustang Mach E will have this style screen that is bigger than any cut-out in the dash. These screens are more like stand-alone units that protrude from the dash, again, like a Tesla. The screen in the Mustang Mach E measures 15.5 inches vertically. That is bigger than most laptops. 

Autoblog reports that these screens aren’t just huge; they are backed by the new Ford Sync 4A operating system and interface. 

How is this new infotainment system going to better the electric Ford F-150?

The Ford Sync 4A operating system and interface show how much of an effect Elon Musk and the Tesla squad have had on our perception and expectations of EVs. The giant Tesla screen seems to have become all but mandatory if you want to sell a modern EV. Autoblogs mentions that makers like Polestar, Rivian, and Honda follow suit on the giant screen trend. 

Although Tesla has set the stage, the 15.5-inch screen in the Mustang Mach E and the 2022 Ford F-150 EV have taken the crown from Tesla by adding an extra .5 inch.

Another difference between the Tesla screen and Ford’s is that the Mach E and F-150’s are oriented vertically. They also don’t have to pull double duty as the instrument cluster. The Mustang Mach E (and I presume the F-150 EV) has an actual instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. 

We still don’t know much about electric F-150

This is a fun bit of news, even if the infotainment screen size isn’t the most thrilling spec because we just don’t know that much about the 2022 Ford F-150 EV yet. We have seen a few spy shots obscured by camo, and now we see a mostly covered shot of the interior. Slowly we are starting to piece together an idea of what we may expect from this monumental shift in pickups. 

As the Ford F-series continues to be America’s sweetheart, it will be fascinating to see how/if things change when the F-150 is battery-power only. Will the Ford F-150 remain the top dog, or well gas-powered holdouts win the more stubborn truck drivers?


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