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For something completely different, let’s turn our attention to the Zeltini Z-Triton. It is a bike, RV, and boat all in one. It’s all right there in front of you. You can see the bike part, and with the front wheel gone, you can see the hull of a boat. And that little hut on the back? That’s your RV. 

Zeltini Z-Triton
Zeltini Z-Triton boat, RV, bike | Zeltini

With so many EV startups and hydrogen this and jet-pack that, the Latvian-based Zeltini has come up with a vehicle that stands out from any crowded street of run-of-the-mill cars and trucks. Does it look goofy? Yes, but so did the Toyota Prius when it first appeared. Sometimes innovation takes a while to sink in and become normalized. As with the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Z-Triton can do more than a Cybertruck

But unlike the Cybertruck, this can do a lot more. For starters, once at the lake or river; take the wheels off, inflate the stabilizers, lower the electric motor, and start looking for those dock pubs. Or that party boat anchored in that cove over there. When you show up in this, you’ll be welcomed as a progressive man or woman. Especially after you tell them you drove it over from the next town.  

You say you’ve gone too far and there is no more charge for the motor? Built-in oars get you out of this predicament in a hurry. Zeltini has thought of everything!

What else can the Z-Triton do?

Zeltini Z-Triton
Zeltini Z-Triton boat, RV, bike | Zeltini

So you say you like the hidden cove you’ve found and want to stick around? The Z-Triton converts into camper mode in no time. Zeltini says it can accommodate two grown-ups with no problem. 

The solar panel on top keeps the Bluetooth speaker cranking out the tunes. So you say you want a little more added decore to your river oasis? There is a pot on top of the cabin to put your favorite plant or flower arrangement. The Z-Triton has everything!

What kind of company is Zeltini?

Zeltini Z-Triton
Zeltini headquarters | Zeltini

Zeltini is a design and prototyping company in Zeltini. The town is known for its former Soviet missile base. It even has a statue of Vladimir Lenin that still stands today. Talk about a throwback. As its website says, “We aim to make products that create unique experience/emotion, and positively contribute to this planet and humanity. Sounds a bit like MotorBiscuit (just kidding).

Zeltini Z-Triton
Zeltini Z-Triton boat, RV, bike | Zeltini

Besides the morphing Z-Triton, it has also devised the Z-Nokomis and Z-Helmet. The Z-Nokomis is a boat that is also a trailer or tiny house. So it is a similar concept to the Z-Triton in that it morphs into different structures and functions depending on your needs. And the Z-Helmet provides protection for Z-Triton travelers, while also providing a cavity on top for your favorite plant. 

So, what’s the best part of the Z-Triton? It might be the price. Easily, the camper or boat alone could be the price of the versatile Z-Triton. It sells for 14,500 Euros, which is about $16,400. You can’t shake a stick at that. 

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