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It had to happen. For the classic car enthusiast that has everything, now he’ll need one of these too. These are just some of the examples of Floating Motor’s line of classic car boats. Yes, they’re boats. 

Floating Motors calls these “Retro-Floating”

Floating Motors Retro-Floating boats | FM
Floating Motors Retro-Floating boats | FM

The company wants to create an entirely new segment of boating it calls “Resto-Floating.” And, why not? Just look at all of the different varieties of iconic vehicles from motordom’s past. There is everything from a Porsche 550 Spyder to the General Lee Dodge Charger. 

If you opt for the VW Microbus you even get an upper deck with a lounge area in the rear. It’s got everything that an expensive yacht has. There is also a diving platform. 

Different motors, hulls, and seating are available from Floating Motors

Floating Motors Retro-Floating boats
Floating Motors Retro-Floating boats | FM

Floating Motors really has many enthusiasts covered offering a Mini Cooper, Fiat Jolly, and Jaguar XKE, besides the above-mentioned models. If you have a hard time making a decision, you can base it on your storage space or size. These classic car watercraft come in lengths from between nine and 11 feet all of the way up to almost 25 feet. There are still more choices.

You can choose your iconic car, and then which type of hull you would like. A catamaran, foil, or conventional hull is waiting for your decision. There are five different electric outboard motors available, too. These range from 40 hp to 240 hp depending on which model you choose. 

Your Floating Motors boat could be a passenger taxi for some extra cha-cha

Floating Motors Retro-Floating boats
Floating Motors Retro-Floating boats | FM

There are different suspensions available. Floating Motors says you can configure the boats to various seating arrangements so you can even start a fleet of water taxis. Yes, you could get passengers to pay down some of the boat loan if you wish. 

Floating Motors has teamed up with Jet Capsule S.r.L., which is a watercraft manufacturer based in Italy. It is also manufacturing these Resto-Floating machines in conjunction with Lazzarini Design Studio. And Jet Capsule has been exporting its unique watercraft to China, Canada, and Spain, among other countries. 

Jet Capsule already manufactures its own line of unusual boats

Jet Capsule enclosed pod-boat
The Jet Capsule pod-like boat | JC

Looking like its name, Jet Capsule manufactures a pod-like boat that is fully enclosed. It does have a short deck attached to the aft, but this is primarily a pleasure craft to travel inside of. Or maybe fish out of? 

It remains to be seen how long it will take for this venture to begin production. So right now there are no estimated of what the prices are or when you can buy one. But we can’t wait to get a glimpse at the first models.


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