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There’s a new electric vehicle on the market – and it’s a boat. The Candela C-8 is a new hydrofoil electric boat that sits above the water as it moves. It practically flies over waves instead of riding on top of them like a typical boat. Sounds cool, right? So what is a flying hydrofoil electric boat, and why would you want one?

A white boat seems to fly above the water in late afternoon.
Candela C-8 hydrofoil boat | Candela

How does the Candela C-8 flying hydrofoil electric boat work? 

According to Candela’s website, the hydrofoil system works by reducing water friction by 80% compared to a traditional boat. This makes it more efficient and faster than a standard boat. 

Candela uses carbon composites to make their foils, which are fully submerged. Candela says, “Similar to a traffic airplane: Candela’s craft use a large, straight main foil close to center of gravity and a smaller T-foil in the aft. The foils are retractable for trailing, storage and shallow water operation.”

The C-8 can travel up to 35 mph once it’s foilborne. Electrek says that “Foiling allows the C-8 to literally fly over the tops of waves, making the ride smoother and more comfortable than typical shaking, bouncing speed boats.”

The C-8 can travel 50 nautical miles before needing to be recharged. Recharging takes about two hours. Electrek also notes that in rough weather conditions, the C-8 can operate like a regular boat instead of foiling, although this does result in reduced range. The C-8 also uses a Flight controller, which adjusts the hydrofoils. This keeps the C-8 stable in any weather conditions. 

Because the C-8 is electric, it’s also quiet. There’s no noise like there is in typical boats, because there is no engine. Candela says that the C-8 can go 3,000 miles without needing any maintenance.

This isn’t Candela’s first electric boat

Candela released a C-7, which it handmade for individual customers. As one might imagine, this wasn’t easy to scale, so the C-7 was unable to reach mass production. This was despite its popularity. The C-8 will be able to be produced in large volume, making it more accessible to a wide variety of people. 

The C-8 will also be larger than the C-7, making it more attractive to a family or someone who may wish to entertain guests. The C-7 used hydrofoils to sit above the water. According to Electrek, the C-8 will use even less energy due to its C-Pod electric drive unit. The C-Pod uses two lightweight electric motors to produce 50 kW.

The Candela C-8 will have luxury touches, too

In addition to being able to hold eight people, the Candela C-8 will have beds for two adults and two children. Want to take a trip in your boat? You’ll even be able to take a freshwater shower on board. You can even get a premium sound system. 

The C-8 will also have Autopilot which keeps the boat on course. You can also get it without a roof or with a sheltered hardtop and a retractable sun roof. All this will cost you about $339,000. 

If you’re into boating and are looking for a new boat, the Candela C-8 may entice you. It is certainly on the cutting edge of technology. Will we someday see most boats flying over waves instead of sitting atop them? We’ll have to wait and see if this catches on.


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