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If you were interested in buying Revolt Motor’s RV500 motorcycle recently, you probably already know you’re out of luck. The electric motorcycle sold out completely in under two hours, leaving loads of people without a shot at buying the electric motorcycle that’s taking over India’s streets.

A red and black "Sold Out" sign on the Revolt Motors website.
Revolt Motors RV400 Sold Out Banner | Revolt Motors

What is an RV400?

The RV400 is Revolt Motors’ electric motorcycle. It’s a 150cc class motorcycle with 17” wheels ready for a variety of terrain. It weighs only 238 pounds. It’s a highly sought-after electric motorcycle, as evidenced by its quick sell out time. According to Electrek, Revolt Motors sold nearly $7 million in the two hours that they had sales open for the RV400.

The RV400 has a 3 kW motor and can go up to 53 mph. It has a removable battery with 72 volts that offers 3.24 kWh. The RV400 can travel up to about 93 miles with one full charge, which isn’t bad for an electric motorcycle. If you put your RV400 in SPORT mode, you’ll lose some miles, but can still get about 50 miles from one charge. 

One of the coolest things about the RV400 is the way motorcycle operators can swap out their batteries. Revolt Motors has set up stations where someone can swap their depleted battery with a fully charged one. It’s also possible to have fully charged batteries delivered to your house, for a charge, of course. 

In addition to all of these features, the RV400 has keyless startup, GPS tracking, and telemetry so that RV400 owners can remotely monitor their electric motorcycle. It also has engine sounds, which help alert pedestrians to the motorcycle. Electric vehicles can be very quiet, which can be dangerous if people don’t hear them coming.

The RV400 is helped by subsidies 

A man clad in all black on a black electric motorcycle.
RV400 | Revolt Motors

India has lots of motorcycles, mopeds and other two-wheeled vehicles. The government has instituted some subsidies to try to get people to buy electric motorcycles, which will not only keep traffic low, but also reduce the carbon emissions from too many cars on the roads.

The subsidy is called FAME II, and it applies to electric vehicles. FAME II makes the RV400 only RS 90,000, or $1,200. In addition to offering financial incentives to people purchasing electric vehicles, India’s government is also setting up public charging stations all over the country.

This isn’t the first time Revolt Motors motorcycles have sold out quickly


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Revolt first started in 2019, and they were immediately popular. Revolt started with an interesting sales technique. Rather than straight up selling their motorcycles, they offered a monthly pricing structure, like a payment plan. 

The Revolt RV400 was $50 for 37 months when it first launched. This equals $1,850. There was also an RV300 for $42 a month, or $1,554. 

With the great incentive that India’s government is offering, plus all that the RV400 has to offer, it’s not a surprise that it’s been popular. What is surprising though, is that it’s selling out so quickly. Two hours is an unbelievable amount of time to completely sell out of something. It isn’t hard to imagine that Revolt Motors will make another batch available at some point in the future.