You Need To Buy This Brand New 2000 Lightning Pickup

Everything old is new again, especially if it has never been taken out of its wrapper. In the case of this 2000 Ford Lightning pickup with only 537 miles, you’ll get as close as humanly possible to a brand new 19-year-old pickup. And a special pickup it is for it’s not your garden-variety truck, but a Ford Lightning. 

Arguably, the most desirable pickup Ford made in 2000, this Silver Metallic flavor is one-of 1,000 made in this color. So, it was almost a unicorn even back when it was new. Wait, it is new. Let’s say it was almost a unicorn back when it was made.

2000 Ford Lightnings came with supercharged V8s with 360 hp

In case you forgot the Lightning pickups came with a supercharged 5.4-liter V8. That Eaton supercharger helped to produce 360 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. A four-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels. These suckers were lightning quick and Ford’s choice of a step side bed made for a slightly retro ride.

Fast Lane Classic Cars in St. Charles, Missouri, is selling the brand new 2000 F-150. It appears there is not a blemish either externally or internally to lessen the newness. You name it, it’s like-new and just as it rolled off of the Joe Machens Ford showroom floor in Columbus, Missouri. Even the trailer harness is there and still wrapped in its plastic packaging. Though this hauler is made to haul ass not a trailer.

The Lightning is a new loaded pickup from 2000 you can buy

2000 Ford Lightning pickup | Fast Lane-0
2000 Ford Lightning pickup | Fast Lane

What comes with a Lightning is a loaded pickup right down to the power door locks and windows. Of course the leather and cloth interior is new, as is the AM/FM/Tape/six-disc CD audio system. 

The Goodyear Eagle F1 tires are also like-new, except they’re almost 20 years old. It might be worth throwing on a new set of tires. That’s just in case age cracks or flat spots from sitting deem these better suited as wall hangers. That is unless you’re not going to be driving it which is a shame.

It’s a combination of incredible low-miles and Ford Lightning

2000 Ford Lightning pickup | Fast Lane-0
2000 Ford Lightning pickup | Fast Lane

Obviously, the value is in its low miles combined with being the most desirable pickup Ford made in 2000. But, sitting in a garage or in a museum defeats the purpose of buying this particular pickup. That’s because these are meant to be enjoyed and allow the driver a trip back in time to the days when high-performance pickups were not frowned upon. 

Just to emphasize the point the Lightning also comes with all of its original manuals, window stickers, original paperwork, two sets of keys and keyless entry fobs. 

It’s more than the original sticker price of $31,373

And, the price? Just a hair under $53,000. That’s about average for a new truck today. When the Lightning was actually new the list price was $31,375. But you can’t factor that into what you’d spend today. 

These kinds of new/old opportunities rarely come up. When they do it’s normally grandma’s four-door sedan or Chevette. By it being a Lightning it is truly once-in-a-lifetime, especially of this year and model pickup is high on your collector vehicle want list.