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As you weigh the options for buying a new SUV, one of the criteria that might sway your decision is a potential vehicle’s resale value down the road. After all, you don’t intend to keep your new ride forever, maybe five years or so.

When it comes time to trade-in or sell, you want to be sure you get the most money. There is one brand that routinely has SUVs at the top of the best resale value evaluations. And if value will seal the deal for you, there’s no question; you should have a Subaru SUV at the top of your list

How to determine vehicle resale values

There are countless sources out there promoting various vehicle brands as the “best” or the “most valuable.” But in terms of resale value, the data speaks for itself. Kelley Blue Book puts together a roster of vehicles based on its SUV ownership history over a period of time.

When Subaru owners go to trade in their crossovers, they tend to get more money than any other in the segment. It indicates you can’t go wrong buying Subaru.

The Subaru Crosstrek tops the list

There are a few reasons the Subaru Crosstrek tends to top the lists, especially for resale value. It’s an SUV that comes with features that other SUVs don’t offer, including a manual transmission option. With a reasonable purchase price, and a hefty roster of standard amenities, including all-wheel-drive, the Crosstrek is an affordable way for buyers to explore their adventurous sides.

New for 2020, the Crosstrek gets the EyeSight system of safety and driver aids, including lane-departure warning, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise, and auto emergency braking. This quality crossover earned a 50.4% resale value from Kelley Blue Book, rightfully earning its place at the top of the SUVs with the best resale value list.

The Subaru Forester comes in a close second

If the Subaru Crosstrek isn’t your cup of tea, but resale value is important, you may instead want to drive a Subaru Forester. This SUV has been a perfect fit for many consumers looking for that smaller, two-row crossover, that still has a heart for off-pavement fun.

It’s small enough to offer fun and maneuverability, along with enough ground clearance to tackle the family camping trail. Revamped last year, the Forester is fresh and provides all the must-have tech and driver aids, including the standard EyeSight Driver Assist suite of extras.

It even offers an impressive fuel-economy with its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that earns 33 mpg. The KBB best resale value contest shows the Forester comes in a close second, with a 45.5% rating, as a predicted resale value in five years.

The Subaru Outback is a fan favorite SUV now and five years from now

The Subaru Outback is all-new this year and jam-packed with more enhancements than ever. Its predicted resale value over five years, according to the awards ranking from Kelley Blue Book, is 43.4%. But you might find plenty of other reasons to love this Subaru SUV.

Under the hood, the Outback’s base engine has an upgrade. The four-cylinder cranks out 182 horses, making it adept at conquering most roads. Designed for the outdoor enthusiasts, this flagship Subaru comes loaded with all-wheel drive, dual seven-inch touchscreens, and a hands-free power liftgate.

Included with the EyeSight Driver system is the DriverFocus option that uses facial recognition and an infrared camera that alerts the driver to fatigue or signal distractions.

Before you make your final SUV purchasing decision, you may want to consider the Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, or Outback. All three offer a unique experience with the reliable and dependable Subaru badge. And to sweeten the deal, they each earn the top three rankings for predicted resale value in five years.

This means you can expect to get the most out of your car today and down the road when you’re ready to buy again.


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