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Buying a replacement hybrid battery for a Toyota Prius is something drivers might have to contend with during their ownership. However, with the price of replacement OEM batteries being as high as they are, is it worth it? Or should Prius fans opt for an alternative?

What is the average life of a Prius battery?

The average Toyota Prius battery lasts 8 to 10 years or 150,000 miles. However, some Prius models have reached 200,000 miles and beyond without a new hybrid battery. 

A used Toyota Prius hybrid model sits on its lithium replacement battery pack for a photoshoot.
Toyota Prius | National Motor Museum via Heritage Images via Getty Images

Still, the hybrid Toyota model’s battery has a shelf life and won’t last forever. Eventually, it will require a replacement. As a result, potential owners should consider the longevity of the hybrid battery unit before buying a used Prius. For instance, the Prius has been around in one form or another since 1997, so older models will almost certainly require a battery replacement.  

How much is a Toyota Prius battery?

Depending on the model year and trim, a replacement battery unit for a Toyota Prius could cost as little as $1,023, per J.D. Power. However, newer models have more sophisticated architecture and will cost more to replace. 

Toyota began offering the Prius with a more advanced lithium-ion (Li-ion) unit instead of the ubiquitous nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery in 2015. The Li-ion unit will typically be more expensive to replace than a less advanced NiMH pack, but older model owners will find that a Li-ion replacement could save weight and outperform the old units. 

A Toyota Prius shows off its hybrid battery pack.
Lithium-ion batteries | Tomohiro Ohsumi, Bloomberg via Getty Images

Moreover, owners can opt for an aftermarket replacement with higher specs than the OEM equipment. For instance, some Li-ion batteries for the second and third-generation Prius can bump peak power from the NiMH battery’s 100Amp to over 200Amp. As a result, replacing a battery can be more cost-effective and rewarding than scrapping your hybrid and buying another model. 

Can you replace a Prius battery yourself?

You can replace a Toyota Prius or other hybrid model’s battery by yourself. However, when dealing with high-voltage components on hybrids and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), the safest option is to have a professional perform the installation. 

How much is a new Toyota Prius?

After its all-new update for the 2023 model year, an entry-level Prius LE starts at around $28,545. However, the range-topping Limited trim adds around $7,000 to that starting point. 

A silver Toyota Prius hybrid model cruises by the coast.
A Prius by the coast | Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Moreover, the new model packs an updated compact Li-ion battery pack, says TrueCar. Owners should consider that replacing the new battery pack could cost more than previous models with the heavier Li-ion or NiMH units. 

Is it worth replacing a hybrid battery?

Replacing a hybrid battery is typically much cheaper than replacing a hybrid vehicle. However, owners should understand that the battery is a significant, expensive component that will eventually require a replacement. No automotive part lasts forever. 

Moreover, older models might be inexpensive compared to the newest Toyota hybrids, but they might require the expensive battery replacement much sooner than a more recent model with less mileage.


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