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The Toyota Camry Hybrid packs fuel-sipping efficiency into one of the automaker’s most popular cars. However, it’s not alone in the hybrid space, and two contenders promise to last longer than the hybridized Camry. Moreover, the two cars that promise the longest lives in the segment are also Toyota models. Enter the Toyota Prius and Highlander Hybrid, a pair of hybrids with the potential to go the distance. 

What Toyota models come as hybrids?

Many of Toyota’s models are available as hybrids, including the Highlander, Camry, Corolla, Sequoia, RAV4, Tundra, Venza, and Sienna. Also, the Prius is one of the most famous names in the hybrid segment. 

A gray Toyota Camry Hybrid cruises down a back road showing off its side profile.
Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid | Toyota

Moreover, Toyota’s hybrid vehicles are more than just efficient; they have the potential to last a long time. According to iSeeCars’ list of the longest-lasting hybrids, the automaker’s models stole the top three spots. Specifically, the Prius took the No.1 place, with a potential lifespan of around 250,601 miles. The Highlander Hybrid was a close second, with 244,994 miles. 

Both models outlast the Camry Hybrid, which has a potential lifespan of 230,547 miles. Still, these figures represent the average odometer readings of 1% of the vehicles on the road rather than the maximum potential distance these cars can travel. Instead, each of these hybrids could last over 250,000 to 300,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. 

Is a Prius better than a Corolla?

The Toyota Prius took the top spot on iSeeCars’ list of the longest-lasting hybrids. Moreover, a 2022 Prius gets as much as 56 mpg combined, around four mpg more than the 2022 Corolla Hybrid LE. However, the Prius starts at about $26,170, around $4,650 more than the Corolla.

A silver Toyota Prius hybrid shows off its front end styling on urban streets.
Toyota Prius | Toyota

Still, both vehicles offer hybrid fuel economy and all-wheel drive (AWD). Moreover, the new 2023 Prius gets a complete redesign, with a bump in power and comparable fuel efficiency to the 2022 model.   

What is Toyota’s best-selling hybrid?

The RAV4 Hybrid is Toyota’s No. 1 most popular hybrid. In iSeeCars’ popularity study, the RAV4 model accounted for 0.3% of all used hybrids in America for 2022. While that might not seem like market dominance, it snagged the No. 1 spot in the segment overall.

A red Toyota Highlander Hybrid corners hard on a back road using its AWD system.
2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Toyota

However, the Highlander Hybrid earned top spots in iSeeCars’ longevity and popularity studies. For instance, the Toyota SUV model took the No. 2 spot in the longest-lasting list and No. 5 on the most popular used hybrids list. The Highlander moved up five spots from the previous year, suggesting its popularity is increasing. 

Are Toyota hybrids worth it?

Toyota’s hybrid vehicles bring value to their reliability, longevity, and fuel efficiency. For instance, a new Prius promises around 56 mpg, with seating for five and the potential to sail past 250,000 miles in its lifespan. 

Of course, Toyota’s vehicles are far from the only ones in the alternative energy space. For instance, the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue returns as much as 54 mpg combined with a starting price of around $25,665 and an industry-leading basic warranty.


Toyota Hybrids Dominate the Longest-Lasting Hybrids List