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The Tail of the Dragon has a winding wicked whip. If you’re not careful, it can smack you down. That’s what happened to this Ferrari 488 Pista. Eyewitnesses say the driver flipped the Ferrari just after a hump, known as Gravity Cavity MM3. 

The Ferrari driver hit the hump too hot and flipped

Ferrari 488 Pista crash
Ferrari 488 Pista crash | Facebook

While the Tail of the Dragon, which snakes through Tennessee and North Carolina, attracts lots of driving enthusiasts, it has also seen its fair share of tragedy. There have been over 50 deaths in recent years.

Obviously, this driver went into the hump too hot and caught air, causing a loss of control. He then spun into opposing traffic, before hitting a wall. At the wall was perched a photographer who miraculously was not hit.  

It was there the Ferrari flipped which left it as these Idiots on the Dragon images show. The photographer was there for the 2021 Epic Adventures Blue Ridge Rally. It is assumed the Ferrari was part of the rally. 

The Ferrari driver was actually lucky

Ferrari 488 Pista crash
Ferrari 488 Pista crash | Facebook

So luck was on this driver’s side despite how it ended. He could have hit oncoming traffic, and/or the photographer. But he wasn’t lucky enough to avoid totaling his car. 

Both airbags deployed, and the top was pushed down to the tops of the doors. The windshield is smashed, and much of the body was scraped up from the rough road surface. If you look closely, the carpets have protective material on them. 

The Ferrari may have been borrowed for the rally, be virtually brand new, or maybe a combination of both. The driver climbed out of the car with only a few scratches on his arm. 

Had this ended in serious injury emergency vehicles are not especially close

Ferrari 488 Pista crash
Ferrari 488 Pista before crash | Facebook

Because there is little development around the Tail of the Dragon, traffic is sparse. So there are no surprises pulling out of business along the way. But that also means if someone is seriously hurt there are no immediate emergency services available. Thankfully, that scenario was not tested.

Ferrari says it built around 3,500 488 Pistas. That makes the Pista rare, but not for a Ferrari. Current values are hovering around $500,000, so this was an expensive mistake. 


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