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It sounds like a Fast and Furious movie plot, but this Lamborghini Ferrari crash was real. In central Beijing, police jailed two drivers after a massive crash that injured one woman. This green Lamborghini and red Ferrari crash left one person injured but took both supercars out of commission for good.

A Lamborghini Ferrari crash after a supcar race through Beijing

Lamborghini Ferrari Crash: Fast and Furious Illegal Supercar Race
Lamborghini Ferrari Crash: Fast and Furious Illegal Supercar Race | STR/AFP via Getty Images

According to BBC News, the bright green Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 458 Italia ripped through a tunnel one night. The Datun Road Tunnel is only about 60 feet across and less than a mile long, but it attracts racing. The Lamborghini and Ferrari were racing through the tunnel at more than 100 miles per hour when the supercars lost control.

According to the drivers, the green Aventador attempted to pass the red 458 Italia when it lost control. The Lamborghini hit the side of the wall and tore off paneling before slamming into a divider. After the Ferrari crashed, authorities noted the damage on the side and rear of the car. The Lamborghini was destroyed after hitting the guardrail. The Lamborghini crash injured one passenger.

At the time of the Ferrari crash, the newest The Fast and the Furious movie had just premiered in Beijing. According to the local news, the two drivers were a part of the same car club. There were no skid marks noted on the scene that would indicate either vehicle tried to brake and avoid this accident. Witnesses said a group of seven or eight young men crowded around the cars after impact.

The implications after the Lamborghini Ferrari crash

Lamborghini Ferrari Crash | Feature China / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Police jailed both drivers for four and five months as punishment for the incident. The police also fined both drivers around $3,000 for the Lamborghini-Ferrari crash. The passenger in the Lamborghini Aventador ended up suffering from a fractured spine. According to a later article from BBC, the men were remorseful about the crash. “I made a mistake, had a bad influence on society, and hurt my family and friends,” Tang Wentian, 21, was quoted.

When the vehicles lost control, the court confirmed the cars were traveling around 111 mph. The police commented that the drivers were “in their 20s and unemployed, prompting speculation that they were the offspring of wealthy officials or business people,’ BBC noted. Tang’s family said he purchased the supercar himself after finding success in the stock market in a turn of events. Yu Muchun, 20, reportedly borrowed the Ferrari 458 Italia. The Ferrari crash caused traffic during the busy night.

Inspired by the “Fast and the Furious” movies

Ironically, the Fast and Furious movies usually have multiple cars on set that get wrecked for each shot. Paul Walker’s “10-Second” Toyota Supra sold recently for $550,000. Walker actually used this car in the movies, which increased the value of the vehicle at auction. This particular Supra was the Stunt 1 car, the stunt car producers used in the movie. Production listed the Supra as car number nine in the film. The Supra appeared as car number 22 in 2 Fast 2 Furious, the second film in the franchise.

In conclusion, the movies are much different than real life. This Lamborghini-Ferrari crash was relatively tame for the amount of damage that could have occurred. What is the lesson here? If you borrow a Ferrari from someone, it’s probably a good idea not to race it.


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