Paul Walker’s “10-Second” Toyota Supra Sells for $550,000

The 20th anniversary of The Fast & The Furious is June 22, 2022. With that, the 1994 Toyota Supra was legendary and became popular even outside the car scene culture. This was one of eight Supras used for the movie and is only one of two used for filming that Paul Walker actually drove.

Who owns Paul Walker’s Supra?

The Toyota Supra that Paul Walker drove
The Toyota Supra that Paul Walker drove in The Fast and The Furious | Barret-Jackson

The 1994 Supra has hit the market a few times. It made the news back in May when it was going up for auction later this year. Craig Lieberman was the Supra, R34 GT-R, and Maxima owner used in the first Fast & Furious movies (his Supra was the Hero 1 car). He runs a YouTube channel with an extensive history of the cars used in the movies. The owner decided it was time to move on and listed the Supra for sale through Barrett-Jackson. Lieberman actually predicted it would sell for “not a penny less” than $550k, which is exactly what it went for.

This Toyota Supra wasn’t the Hero 1 car, which is the main car used in the movie for scenes. The Hero 1 car lives in the Netherlands and is owned by a private collector. Instead, this is Stunt 1 car, which is the stunt car producers used in the movie. That still makes it a pretty important artifact because this would be the one most used in the movie. The production also used this car in the movie Grandmas Boy, but someone wrapped it in gold for that appearance.

Another stunt Supra on set was a clone of the Hero 1 car that sold back in May of 2015 for $185,000.

How much is Paul Walker’s Supra?

Toyota Supra’s tend to retain value well, and since there are so few of these cars on the road, the price stays fairly high. For example, a 1995 Toyota Supra SE sold on Bring a Trailer for $50,000 back at the end of May 2021, while a modified 1993 Supra with a Turbo six-speed sold for $71,000 earlier in the month.

This car was purchased in Arizona back in 2000 and had the last four digits of the VIN as 9030. The Barret-Jackson link notes this Toyota Supra was a 2JZ-GTE 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine with an automatic transmission. It was listed as car number nine in the movie. It was also car number 22 in 2 Fast 2 Furious, the second film in the franchise. Lamborghini Diablo Candy Orange pearl was the chosen paint color. An APR aluminum biplane rear wing was also easily recognizable.

It was a black model with a factory areo top. This car cost around $24,000 and made it the most expensive of the eight Toyota Supra vehicles purchased. It had around 55,000 miles when purchased. The Barret-Jackson link doesn’t mention how many miles it had at the time of sale. There is a good chance that if the buyer sells this car again, it could net over $1 million. This is the only other Toyota Supra driven by Paul Walker, who died back in 2013.

More than you can affordpal

This Supra is special because Paul Walker actually drove it in the movie. For the second movie, the Supra was used again, and Production added a TRD widebody kit. Production did more modifications at that point because Paul Walker drove the car in the movie. He drove it in the opening street race sequence that the movies were famous for.

The orange Toyota Supra lived in Ted Moser’s Picture Car Warehouse, a famous storage facility for movie cars. The owner eventually restored it to its former Fast and Furious glory. Lieberman said it is a fairly accurate representation of the car moved in the movies.

Overall, this was a cool auction to see. Since the other Toyota Supra used is in a private collection in the Netherlands, this is essentially the only car of its kind. Supra’s are still going up in value and this one has had an exciting life. Congrats to the new owner!

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