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You can rest assured that when you see an exotic car it is likely an accident waiting to happen. Not all drivers of supercars like these three Ferraris lack the talent to drive them. It just seems like that when you see a Ferrari crash like this one from Philly. They were on their way to the CF Charities Supercar Show when their lack of driving talents got exposed in a sad, dramatic way.

Two Ferrari 488s and a 488 Pista crash

The three Ferraris involved are a 488 Pista and two 488s according to @SaintLamont_. He used his phone to capture the footage while riding shotgun in a car traveling at excessive speeds itself. The CF Charities show pulls in enthusiasts from the east to help raise money for a number of education groups. 

According to @SaintLamont_ many of the participants drive to the event in small groups so as to make a grand entrance into the show together. The video is notable for capturing the array of exotics including a Porsche GT3 RS and numerous Vipers. A lot of them are traveling too fast. 

Potholes and uneven surfaces can be tricky for Ferraris and other exotics

An image of a Ferrari 488 Pista out on a track.
Ferrari 488 Pista | Ferrari

You quickly notice the exotics twitching and then two 488s end up crashing. A poster comments that this section of the highway shows that maintenance is lacking. This part of the Keystone State highway is filled with potholes and uneven surfaces. That’s not conducive to speeding.

That can be a recipe for disaster with stiff-suspended exotics like these flinging around the tarmac. Which was definitely true in this case. One Ferrari loses traction sliding into the 488. It springboards off of the Ferrari and smacks into a different Ferrari 488 Pista in the process. 

Is this any way to drive a Ferrari?

Three Ferraris crash in Philidelphia
Three Ferraris crash | Twitter

Soon, all of the cars involved do a dance before the poster stops just behind the Ferrari carnage. How this could ever have happened we’ll never know? Mostly, what we’d really like to say about this incident we won’t. 

We hope that all of the participants involved in this crash are fine. It serves as a reminder that not all Ferrari drivers are invested enough in their Italian supercars. Instead, they are but another toy to navigate under conditions that warrant no drama.


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