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The 2024 Nissan Frontier has strong curb appeal and solid capability. From its squared-off fenders to its stout V6, this midsize truck has looks and performance. And adding accessories makes it even cooler.

To that end, Nissan offers a catalog of accessories for enhancements inside and out. While some are basic and economical, others are major add-ons with a hefty price tag. Let’s explore some Frontier accessories.

2024 Nissan Frontier accessories

In stock form, the Nissan Frontier has plenty to offer. A rugged body-on-frame build and trophy truck looks make it capable and cool. But for those who want a truly unique ride, Nissan has a sweet range of accessories for you Frontier. Here are some of our favorites.

If you’ve ever watched purpose-built racing trucks barrel through the desert, you might have noticed their burly beadlock wheels. By using bolts to secure the tire to the wheel, a beadlock design allows lower inflation pressures and enhanced traction. And Nissan brings that racy look to the streets, with 17-inch beadlock-style aluminum alloy wheels ($1,020).

For $246, the frame-mounted tow hitch lets drivers haul a trailer, boat, or camper. That lets drivers explore a greater range of adventures. And it’s always nice having a factory-engineered accessory, as opposed to an aftermarket option.

Though pickups are a lot of fun, getting behind the wheel can take extra effort. Side steps can help with that, but oftentimes they’re big and bulky, and take away from a truck’s appearance. But Nissan’s powder-coated step rails ($800) are different, with a compact size and built-in traction. They’re also removable when drivers need extra ground clearance.

Originally designed for rollover protection, sports bars also bring an adventure-ready appearance. Additionally, they provide a good platform for extra lighting. The Sport Bar for the Frontier carries a significant price of $1,170. But it does include integrated LED brake and bed lights, along with Frontier logos on each side.

Turning to the interior, the $165 all-season floor mats—high wall liners bring durable protection against mud and snow. Specifically made for the Frontier and constructed from long-wearing material, they’ll keep the footwells in good condition for the long haul.

Pickups can see rugged use, from outdoor activities to work applications. So for $67, the interior door scuff protection set makes sense. It helps protect the inner door panels from scratches and wear, and has a sleek carbon fiber finish.

Lastly, Nissan offers a few technology accessories for modern convenience and enhanced safety.

The $499 digital smart key lets drivers lock/unlock and start their Frontier without a key. That’s possible via a compatible smartphone or an Apple Watch.

The USB charging cable set ($90) includes four cables with USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning connectors, for both Apple and Android devices.

And the $368 Dual Camera Drive Recorder films the road in front, while also capturing the vehicle’s interior. That can prove useful in the event of a collision, or during an attempted break-in.

Is the 2024 Nissan Frontier’s most expensive accessory worth it?

A $1,170, the Sport Bar is the Nissan Frontier’s priciest accessory. Is it worth the money?

When bolted to the Frontier, the Sport Bar has undeniable appeal. Besides giving the truck a strong, athletic look, its LED lighting offers additional convenience. When it’s dark outside, having an illuminated bed can be especially helpful. And with the option to add a light bar on top, Frontier drivers can make their ride look ready to race.

On the other hand, $1,170 is a lot of coin, and the Sport Bar isn’t essential, whether for looks or function. It also adds weight.

If it were us, and we had around $1,000 to spend, we’d go for the 17-inch beadlock-style wheels. Their chiseled design adds to the Frontier’s tough styling, creating a midsize pickup that looks ready for anything.

Among midsize pickups, the Nissan Frontier is a reliable pick. Its standout styling, along with a strong V6, make it both appealing and capable. Adding accessories lets drivers create a personalized ride, though some are on the expensive side and of questionable benefit. Still, the Frontier provides a blank canvas for creating something unique.


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