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The thing about Nissan truck concepts over the years is how daring they are. It isn’t shy about going contrary to the norm to explore what a pickup truck really is. To wit, we present these four Nissan concepts that, as unlikely as they were to see production, we wish had.

2016 Titan Warrior

Titan Warrior
2016 Nissan Titan Warrior | Nissan

While Nissan promised the Titan Warrior concept would go into production, it hasn’t. While it may look like a production Titan with stripes, it isn’t. The Front and rear fenders are modified for the headlights and taillights that cut into them. Also, the accent line that takes a sharp turn down has been extended to the rockers. In the rear, an integrated ducktail in the tailgate and black panel is the main change. The grille and entire fascia have been redesigned. Nissan’s Titan truck has never seen the sales that the company expected. While it is questionable whether the Warrior would have made a difference, it’s too late now. We wish it had given it a try.

2001 Alpha T

Nissan Alpha T
2001 Nissan Alpha T | Nissan

Though we really like the Alpha T concept truck, would it have gone into production as you see it? We doubt it. But a more productionized version would have still been a radical departure from contemporary trucks at the time. Kudos to Nissan for unveiling this daring first-ever full-size pickup concept. It was a statement announcing Nissan’s intentions to get into the full-size truck segment, which it did with the Titan in 2004. Unfortunately, when the Titan debuted, it wasn’t even close to the concept. It was a homogenized full-size truck that lacked the features and panache of the concept. The bold, simple, and modular look was nowhere to be found. And while the titan saw sales of over 86,000 its first year, it never again achieved those numbers and is slated to be gone soon. 

2001 Nissan Nails

Nissan Nails
2001 Nissan Nails concept | Nissan

Another wacky, somewhat modular concept truck was the Nails. Too small to ever see production, it looked like one of Nissan’s boutique Kei cars like the Be-1 and Escargo. Playful and compelling, Its modularity had some interesting potential for easy variations. Its color, design, and even the Nails logo had toy truck overtones. The paint finish was a texture that Nissan said could endure rough use. The

Nissan Nails
2001 Nissan Nails concept | Nissan

doors at the back of the cab access the bed, and they’re fabric, not metal. Nissan called it a “soft partition.” Its tailgate swung completely out of the way for access to the complete bed. And that bed is located low for easy loading. But you can actually drive one, in a sense. The Nails is part of the GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing for Game Boy Advance. 

2021 Surf Out

Nissan Surf Out
2021 Nissan Surf Out | Nissan

Unveiled earlier this year, the Surf Out is supposed to signal Nissan’s electric truck intentions. Its overall simplicity and interesting proportions give it a futuristic yet realistic look. The cab-forward proportions make sense for electric trucks as you want more space for the bed and less ahead of the cab. Its electric motors and batteries are packaged low so there is no need to give as much space for an engine in front. Its simple aesthetics continue to the front fascia and rear. The expanse of tailgate is now wired for displaying emoticons and messages. And the design is versatile enough that we can easily imagine it becoming an SUV.


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