What’s so Great About WeatherTech Mats?

A Super Bowl commercial about WeatherTech got our attention because the ad space isn’t exactly cheap. To further confuse or intrigue viewers, the WeatherTech ad was proud Americans. So let’s get to the bottom of this. 

Are WeatherTech mats the best, and who is Scout? 

First of all, WeatherTech ads aren’t new. They have been in the Super Bowl as space for years as one of the best automotive-aftermarket brands. The ads typically share the story of American made customized floor mats and seat covers. 

However, in 2020, CEO David MacNeil provided Super Bowl viewers with a twist. The 30-second ad featured the efforts of the veterinary school trying to restore a dog named Scout to health. 

Scout is the seven-year-old dog and best friend of MacNeil. The Golden Retriever is receiving care from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

They have helped Scout get back on his paws after they found a tumor on his heart and told MacNeil he had a one-percent chance of living through the rest of the year. 

Why MacNeil made a change 

Instead of showing his great products as he has for the past six years in a row, before highlighting Scout, he wanted to help animals and people again., during this difficult time.

That’s why the ad focused on clips of the internal manufacturing process. It showed American workers being proud of their positions and explaining why they like being apart of the family.

With the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Americans have been struggling. But WeatherTech provided images of hope. Creating more positions can help Americans get back on their feet.

They mention that they never left. This means that they don’t manufacture products overseas. Their products are made in Schaumburg, Illinois. It’s all very patriotic.

About WeatherTech 

If you are a dog person, then WeatherTech products may help you keep your vehicle clean while adventuring with your pup. Doggos love to track in all sorts of mud and smells from the park, trails, Starbucks, and more. 

WeatherTech Floor Liner
WeatherTech Floor Liner | WeatherTech

WeatherTech creates high-quality products that are designed, engineered, and manufactured in American. MacNeil is dedicated to using raw materials from America and hiring American workers to provide more opportunities. 

An in-house product development center provides the necessary tools to capture data for the reverse engineering of complex vehicle geometry, including floor surfaces, cargo areas, window openings, and more to create quality, durable automatic accessories. 

Just by coincidence, I have WeatherTech all-weather floor mats in my Jeep Renegade, which have been perfect for the North Carolina mud season. All sorts of snow, red mud, dirt, and slush have been tracked into my ride. 

However, my carpet is still perfect. All I have to do is remove the mats, hose them down, and let them dry. It’s super easy to have my Renegade quickly cleaned up and looking like new. Without them, I’m afraid of how the carpet would have already been ruined with wet stains and humid smells. 

Bruce, the Jeep Renegade Pup
Bruce, the Jeep Renegade Pup | Allison Barfield

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A few of the products featured in the Super bowl ad include the WeatherTech CupFone to hold your cellphone in any automotive cup holder, the Deskfone universal cell phone holder, Tablet Holder, and MirrorFone to mount your phone to mirrors.