What Does the Base BMW 5 Series Have That the Fully-Loaded Accord Doesn’t?

BMW is a symbol of luxury and performance. Even the Base model features amenities that many non-luxury vehicles only have when they come fully loaded down with options. But the base model of the BMW 5 Series starts at an astronomical price point. When you can get a fully loaded Honda Accord for less, why spring for the BMW instead? What does the base BMW 5 Series have that the fully-loaded Accord doesn’t?

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The base model BMW 5-Series

The base trim for a BMW 5 Series is an alluring piece of equipment, base trim or not. Known as the BMW 530i, this sedan has much to offer in the way of standard features. According to MotorTrend, the base model 2020 BMW 530i sedan will set you back around $55,446. Sure, it’s a luxury car. It’s quiet and catering, but that’s still pretty steep.

2020 BMW 530i

The 2020 530i in its entry-level model is equipped with a 2-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but there is an option to upgrade to all-wheel drive. More standard features include heated side mirror with a power-folding function. Chrome trims the exterior details and the 2020 BMW 530i is supported atop 18-inch wheels.

Additionally, the interior offers plenty of comfort. Go inside the 2020 530i and you will find upholstered leatherette over every seat. Generous wood trim provides plenty of luxurious aesthetic.

The ambient multi-colored interior lighting illuminates with ambiance. The standard moonroof and power-adjustable front seats are nice to have as well. Plus, there are little conveniences like rain-sensing windshield wipers, parking sensors, and zoned climate control.

2021 BMW 5 Series sedan | BimmerToday
2021 BMW 5 Series sedan | BimmerToday

The fully loaded Honda Accord

While the base model of this Honda contender is simple, that is exactly what we expect from a sedan like the Accord. But if you climb the trim ladder and upgrade to a fully loaded model, there isn’t much that the 2020 Accord lacks. But first off, what comes on a fully loaded Honda Accord?

“The Accord has moved past interesting and gone directly to sophisticated. … Honda’s simulated open-pore wood trim and brushed-metal accents seem borrowed from a higher class of car.”


2020 Honda Accord Touring

The Touring trim is Honda’s highest trim. A Honda Accord Touring starts at $37,030. Car and Driver declares, “It’s rare to find a family sedan that drives as nicely as the Accord.” The Touring trim’s 2-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine packs adequate punch.

The 2020 Honda Accord in its Touring trim comes equipped with all the same niceties as the BMW sedan, excluding only a couple of features. One big missing feature for the Accord is its lack of a moonroof option for any trim level in the lineup. But that may be a missing attribute worth saving 20 grand over.

Additionally, if you want ambient interior illumination you will have to upgrade with a $600 lighting package. AWD is not available for any 2020 Accord trims, either. But it delivers an excellent ride and drive experience plus quality interior materials. All for a fraction of the cost of a base model 2020 BMW 5 Series

A sleek gray Honda Accord in motion
2020 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T

Which one should you buy?

The 2020 BMW 5-series sedan starts just over 55 grand in its base trim. In contrast, the 2020 Honda Accord in its highest trim level starts a few thousand under 40 grand. When comparing the two sedans in these particular trims levels, it’s easy to see why many would opt for the cheaper Honda Accord Touring.


Should You Buy a 2020 Honda Accord or Go Big With a Honda HR-V?

It offers so much for so much less. Plus, it will have Honda reliability. It will also not only come for a cheaper starting price but it will likely cost far less to maintain as well.