Honda Accord Sales Have Struggled in 2020 Despite Rave Reviews

The Honda Accord is definitely one of the greatest cars in Honda’s lineup. It recently won the Best Buy Award from Kelley Blue Book in the midsize car category. It also has a high ranking from Consumer Reports, thanks to its great fuel economy and a nearly perfect road test.

With such high praise, you would think that the Accord would be one of Honda’s best-selling cars. However, recent sales figures tell a different story. The Honda CR-V and Civic sold more units in the past year than the Accord. The Honda Accord is also not selling as well as expected in the midsize car segment.

Why isn’t the Honda Accord a best-seller?

The Honda Accord returned great sales numbers in the first quarter of 2019. It sold over 64,000 units, making it the second-best midsize car for the quarter. However, for the first quarter of 2020, its sales dipped to 47,125. The Nissan Altima beat the Accord out of second place by just 121 cars.

While it’s still one of the most popular midsize cars, we’re stumped as to why it’s not doing better. The Accord often takes home the gold in comparison tests, so it may not be because of the car itself. Interest in car sales has been on the decline thanks to the pandemic. The reason for the Honda Accord’s woes may be as simple as that.

What’s the best-selling midsize car?

Currently, the Toyota Camry reigns supreme for midsize car sales. Interestingly, its sales numbers have hardly changed in the past year despite the global situation. It sold 77,188 units in 2020’s first quarter. That’s only a 5.5 percent decline from the 81,684 units it sold in the first quarter of last year.

The Toyota Camry is a popular choice for buyers because of its great gas mileage and its athletic performance. With the available V6, the Camry can have up to 301 hp and a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission. It also has a comfortable interior and plenty of standard creature comforts.

Positive reviews for the Honda Accord

The 2020 version of the Honda Accord has gotten overwhelmingly positive reception. Edmunds rated it as the No. 1 midsize sedan for this year. The site praised the Accord’s plentiful safety features, powerful engine options, and overall driving experience. Car and Driver put the Honda Accord on its 10Best list for this year.

The Accord only has a few weak spots to report. Many reviewers aren’t fans of the car’s low ride height, which could be a big problem for taller drivers. Edmunds also reported that there is a lot of wind noise inside the cabin.

Is the Toyota Camry a better car?

Both of these sedans are very similar in terms of tech features and ride quality. However, the Camry has slightly stronger engines than the ones you can choose for the Accord. Additionally, the Camry has proven to be more reliable than the Honda Accord.

Still, the Honda Accord beats the Camry in a few key categories. It has more trunk space and a larger seating area, making it a better pick for drivers with larger families. The Accord also has more comfort upgrades, like ventilated front seats and heated back seats. Edmunds also reported that the Accord’s infotainment system is easier to use.

There’s no doubt that competitors like the Toyota Camry will make it difficult for the Honda Accord to bounce back. Still, the Accord has an impressive track record for performance and continues to improve with each year. Despite its flaws and below-average sales, it’s still one of the best midsize cars you can buy.