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Honda continues to dominate the U.S. market, and the proof is in the numbers. One of the automaker’s flagship sedans, the Accord, has earned yet another head nod from the experts with another top-pick award. Considering the massive SUV buying trends these days, where 50% of the vehicles purchased are SUVs or crossovers, the Accord proves it’s still worth its weight in gold.

The 2020 Honda Accord’s third award

Honda reportedly sold almost 270,000 Accord sedans last year. Its popularity resonates with the experts, too, and Kelley Blue Book has given this car another jewel for its crown.

KBB named the 2020 Honda Accord as its Best Buy choice for the midsize car class. They share their sentiments about this sedan’s ability to remain a consumer favorite, despite the increased favorability of SUVs. It’s a reminder for them and consumers just how much fun these cars are to drive.

The Kelley Blue Book ‘Best Buy Award’

Kelley Blue Book is in their sixth year of evaluating and selecting their picks for their Best Buy Awards. The experts spend a year identifying and testing the top vehicles in each category. They not only drive these vehicles, but they also weigh in on interior comforts, infotainment ease of use, and the quality of materials.

The 2020 Honda Accord didn’t just perform well in these evaluations, its agile handling, quiet cabin, and incredible five-year cost of ownership helped the Accord earn its place at the top.

Why the 2020 Honda Accord wins again

The Accord makes a great first impression with its stylish dynamics and elegant lines. Inside, it’s quiet and comfortable at every touchpoint for drivers and passengers alike. The powertrain is smooth, yet substantial with strong fuel-economy ratings.

There is a hefty menu of trim options and configurations, including a Sport model and hybrid variety. The Accord is valuable with a reasonable starting MSRP this year of $24,800. It also delivers best-in-class, five-year, cost of ownership averages in addition to its unique ability to retain higher than average resale value.

The KBB reviewers share that this sedan speaks to those who enjoy a fun drive. Visibility is great with large glass areas and the low cowl. The Accord comes with Honda’s robust suite of driver aids and Honda Sensing for confidence and safety. The infotainment is top-notch too and blends a perfect balance of knobs with touch controls.

Other awards on the Honda Accord resume

This latest KBB award isn’t the first for the 2020 Honda Accord. In fact, it also landed on Car and Driver’s ten best list for the 22nd year in a row. This achievement has never been bestowed on any other vehicle.

Edmunds, known for their consumer-focused recommendations, also recognized the Honda Accord this year and named it their Edmunds Top Choice among all sedans. The Accord enjoys this award for the second year in a row.

What’s new for 2020?

This latest version of the Honda Accord is relatively unchanged since its last redesign in 2018. Don’t let that deter you as this midsize sedan is clearly still head-and-shoulders above others in its segment. It already brings its ‘A-game’ and continues to dominate despite having few changes. Some might suggest, especially with this recent round of awards, you just can’t improve perfection.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the 2020 Honda Accord or take a test drive, you should. It’s the quintessential family car, that doesn’t feel like a family car, and is the utmost in car buying value. The experts continue to rave, and with this recent Kelley Blue Book award, it’s hard not to notice this midsize sedan.