Will Honda Ever Make Another Accord Crosstour?

In 2010, Honda released the Accord Crosstour. This hatchback-edition Accord was a sleek(ish) wagon with the option for all-wheel drive. However, it didn’t sell quite well enough for Honda to keep up production.

2015 was the last we saw of the Honda Crosstour. Since then, people have wondered if we will ever see it make a comeback– modern and sleek as ever.

The Accord Crosstour, changed to just “Crosstour” in 2012, has some die-hard fans. Still, Honda ceased production of the vehicle in 2015. Although there have been some rumors about a 2019 or 2020 Crosstour, there is nothing on Honda’s official website concerning a new model. Some are skeptical concerning the prospective new release of a new Honda Crosstour. Will Honda ever make another?

A 2013 model of the AWD Honda Crosstour playing in the mud.

Until there is some real evidence from Honda, Crosstour fans will have to stick with their 2010-2015 models. They’ll have to keep dreaming of a future Crosstour from behind the wheel of their current daily driver because Honda hasn’t made a new Crosstour. Yet.

What is a Crosstour?

The Crosstour is the Honda Accord – hatchback style. Both all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive options were manufactured. The standard model featured front-wheel drive, but many of the Crosstour lovers got excited about the all-wheel-drive version of this awesome midsize wagon.

It was a great mid-size crossover with a nice 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivered on power and performance. The Honda Accord Crosstour grew a pretty sizable fan base. Not sizable enough, though, because Honda decided to discontinue its manufacture.

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They weren’t as popular as the basic Accord or the Civic. Still, the Crosstour can be seen on the road today. That’s saying something for a model that hasn’t hit the market for half a decade.

By 2015, the Crosstour’s following wasn’t meeting sales expectations. On April 8, 2015, Honda announced that, due to slow sales, there would not be a 2016 Crosstour. Much to the dismay of Crosstour fans across the globe, there has not been a new one since then.

Will there be another Crosstour?

With other models like the CR-V, the Pilot, and the Civic Hatchback, it seems that Honda continues to tick all the boxes. The Japanese brand is doing fine without the Crosstour. The recently-released Honda Passport can do everything the Crosstour can do, right? The answer is yes, it pretty much can.

The Passport could be the model to give Crosstour fans hope that there may be a new one someday. The Honda Passport started as an answer to the 90s SUV craze. The first Passport was released in 1994 and kept up with the competition until 2002. In 2003 Honda released its first Pilot. The Honda Passport was off the market until 2019.

This tells us that there is definitely a chance. That –even if it is over 10 years down the road– we may see another Crosstour model in Honda’s future. Perhaps after the gap in production, Honda can hype up a new release of the beloved hatchback.

What can we expect from a future model?

There’s really no telling what Honda might reveal with a new Crosstour model. Basic safety features have made serious progress since 2015. Infotainment has experienced so much change –Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, for example.

What was once state-of-the-art is now standard on most vehicles. No matter what, if a new Honda Crosstour ever enters the scene, we are sure to see some major upgrades. In any coming models of the Crosstour, Honda is sure to deliver.

After the recent influx of innovation in the auto industry, the possibilities are limitless. The all-new Honda Accord Crosstour could be anything. Or it may never come to fruition. Only time will tell.