Should You Buy a 2020 Honda Accord or Go Big With a Honda HR-V?

Honda vehicles are known for their quality and reliability. They offer great resale value and have been among the top-selling vehicles for several decades. Despite the decline in the economy brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Honda is showing strong sales numbers for 2020. They’re offering financial relief in the form of sales incentives and deferred payments over the coming months to retain their position in the automotive industry. There is no question that Honda is a solid choice for a new vehicle. The only thing to consider is whether you should purchase the popular 2020 Honda Accord or go big with a vehicle like the 2020 Honda HR-V crossover SUV. Let’s take a look at which vehicle offers the best value.

The Honda Accord

Car and Driver has selected the Honda Accord for its 10 Best Cars List a record-breaking 34 times. They claim that the sedan is the “perfect escape from quiet suburban monotony.” That’s because of the precision handling and manual transmission that allows for sportscar-like performance.

The three powertrain options combine power and efficiency, making the Honda Accord one of the best sedans in its class. With a sticker price ranging between $24,020 and $36,250, the value is incomparable.

The Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is a crossover SUV that is best known for its ample front and back seating areas and its generous cargo-carrying capacity. The interior headroom allows for an impressive view out the front windshield, and avoiding road hazards is made easy with the elevated ground clearance.

The four-cylinder engine doesn’t allow for much speed, but it does offer great fuel economy. The ride can be a little rough compared to other SUVs, but it is a comfortable vehicle to drive when dealing with frequent traffic. The Honda HR-V is a practical choice for drivers looking for both quality and versatility. The suggested MSRP falls between $20,820 and $28,890.

Which model is the better vehicle?

The Honda Accord is lighter than the HR-V, which allows for improved fuel efficiency, faster acceleration, and better overall handling. In comparison to the HR-V, the Honda Accord offers enhanced performance due to its smaller height and weight. With positive safety ratings and features built for families, the Accord is a solid choice for those looking for a sedan.

The durable features and spacious interior of the Honda HR-V provides a vehicle that is perfect for consumers looking for a more rugged driving experience. It’s hard to say which vehicle is better, but both offer superior advanced technology features that offer peace of mind when driving. 

Does the Honda HR-V or the Honda Accord offer more value?

Both the Honda Accord and Honda HR-V are dependable and make great choices for a new vehicle. It really comes down to preference and what the driver is looking for. When comparing the two vehicles side by side, going strictly off the value of the vehicle, the Accord is the better choice.

In fact, U.S. News named the Honda Accord one of the best midsize cars for the money in 2020. The starting price of $24,020 for the Honda Accord is a great value because of the standard features that are included. The customer doesn’t need to pay extra for things like automatic braking, LED lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, and class superior safety systems.

What is the appeal of crossover SUVs?

Sedan sales have been steadily declining in the United States. Crossover SUVs like the HR-V have taken the market by storm in recent years, accounting for 40 percent of new vehicle sales. Crossover SUVs naturally appeal to consumers that are looking for more space without sacrificing fuel economy. Their size is smaller than a standard SUV but larger than a sedan, appealing to many types of consumers. The enlarged cargo-carrying capacity and advanced features have made vehicles such as the Honda HR-V an integral part of the automotive industry.