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So, 2020 hasn’t been a great year for the Chevy Camaro.  Consumer Reports gave this year’s model the lowest possible reliability score for reasons such as poor visibility and lack of comfort. If you want to skip the 2020 model it’s totally understandable. Of course, you can always buy used but you might also want to avoid the 2017 and 2018 models. To help with your search, we have gathered a shortlist of the most reliable Chevy Camaro models to buy used based on overall reliability.

The 2013 Chevy Camaro is one of the most reliable models

To be honest, most of the complaints about the Chevy Camaro are the same every year. We are talking mainly about poor visibility and cheap-feeling interior materials. That’s the case with the 2013 Camaro but it makes up for that in performance. The 2013 Camaro packs a 323-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine as standard equipment. You also have a choice between two V8 engines, with one producing a tire-shredding 580 hp. 

The Camaro packs a six-speed manual transmission as standard kit, but an automatic is an option for fans who want to cruise instead of row. If you are looking to make more performance upgrades, you can add on items such as Brembo brakes or a sportier suspension. 

The 2015 Camaro has high reliability scores

The 2015 Chevy Camaro also earned a high-reliability score and is part of the same generation as the 2013 model. This version actually borrows elements from the 2015 Ford Mustang. Even so, the 2015 Camaro still prioritized power over upgraded interior materials but that’s not a huge drawback. The base model comes with a 323-horsepower V6 engine and there’s also the option to upgrade to the more thrilling V8-powered versions.

You also have the choice between the standard six-speed manual transmission or the available six-speed automatic. The fuel economy for this model is technically low but about average for its class.

Owners of the 2015 Camaro appreciate its secure handling, exciting performance, and retro style. The fit and finishings are also better looking on this model. The standard 2015 Camaro comes with the OnStar driver services program as well as Bluetooth and satellite radio. There’s also the option of upgrading to an infotainment system that features a 7-inch touchscreen and navigation. 

Potential owners can rest assured with the 2016 Camaro

In 2016, the Camaro was completely redesigned for its sixth-generation run. Its engines were made to be more powerful and efficient. The engine options for 2016 include a 275-hp, 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and a 335-hp, 3.6-liter V6. For even more power, there’s the 6.2-liter V8 which makes 455 horsepower. Each engine is a star on its own and comes with its own gutsy soundtrack. Moreover, the 2016 model feels even more capable with the available six-speed manual.

Enthusiasts were also excited about the easier-to-use infotainment features in 2016. The base model comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, satellite radio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a wifi hotspot. An 8-inch screen is available on the higher trims, per TrueCar

Low visibility is still a drawback on the 2016 model but the standard rearview camera helps to mitigate that.  Additional driver-assist features include blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors, and rear-cross traffic alert. 


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