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For a while, consumers began veering away from buying the behemoth SUVs. Many were more interested in fuel efficiency and lower price points at the time of purchase. But recently, the large sport utility vehicles are regaining popularity. Ford’s 2020 Expedition Platinum is a major contender and is the automaker’s top-of-line offering in this monster SUV space.

Getting the best of the best, packaged in the biggest of the biggest, will set you back $84,000. For that kind of investment, what all can you expect to get with the Expedition Platinum?

The demand for Platinum level extras

The 2020 Ford Expedition comes with a robust menu of optional packages and four various trim levels. It’s possible to buy an XLT, Limited, King Ranch for slightly less than the Platinum, but many consumers are opting for the ‘go big or go home’ strategy.

The sales data shows that one in five Expeditions sold is a Platinum model. There’s only one engine across the board, although the 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 cranks out a little more power for the Platinum, with 400 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.

Each engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Every Expedition comes standard with rear-wheel drive and optional four-wheel drive. So, what’s convincing consumers to opt for the Platinum level?

It’s all about looks and feels

According to Ford, the 2020 Expedition Platinum brings its own style that consumers find super attractive. This SUV gets a unique grille insert, body-colored sections of lower bumpers and running boards, and LED headlamps. Spending the extra money will mean you have 22-inch wheels and a panoramic moonroof, as well.

Adding to the looks, the Expedition Platinum also brings the feels. Inside, Ford uses polished, genuine wood accents and higher-grade leathers. Even the floormats have upgrades in quality. Expect mold-in stitching and Australian leather touchpoints from the doors to the dash, creating an ultimate upscale experience.

The best of tech and convenience

The Platinum level Expedition may have a hefty price tag, but for $84,000, you can expect the industry best in technology and convenience. Unique extras include the Multicontour with Active Motion seat technology.

This innovative feature reduces back and leg fatigue over long-distance drives by automatically applying seatback, bottom, and lumbar pressures. The Platinum also brings power-folding seats in both the second and third rows.

Not much difference in safety and infotainment tech

If you want the Ford Co-Pilot 360, a suite of driver aids like blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure assist, forward-collision warning, and rear cross-traffic alerts, you don’t have to buy the Platinum to get it.

There are optional extras, including the 360-degree parking camera, that can be added in as well. Staying connected is easy with any variation of Expedition, including FordPass Connect.

This software allows for smartphone commands, in tandem with the SYNC 3 platform. Every Expedition comes with 4G LTE Wi-Fi for as many as ten devices, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Safety comes standard from XLT to Platinum, too, including a five-star rating with the NHTSA.

How this SUV compares to the competition


The 2020 Ford Expedition Just Took Home This Coveted KBB Award

Based on the various expert reviews, you might find less expensive alternatives. Some suggest the 2020 Chevy Tahoe falls a little short in tech but does offer the larger 5.3L V8 engine that the Expedition does not.

Others suggest the Tahoe’s fuel efficiency and towing capacity don’t compare to that of the Expedition. When compared to the likes of the Suburban, some reviews cite the older chassis design puts the Chevy at a disadvantage against the Ford. The more modern rendition of the Expedition is proving to be the better option.

Although, it’s important to note there aren’t that many additions from the King Ranch or Limited to the Platinum level. says while the plushy extras are certainly quality and more luxurious, the experts aren’t sure it’s worth $84,000.

Spending that amount of money on any vehicle should have you expecting nothing but the best in everything an SUV can offer. The 2020 Ford Expedition Platinum certainly delivers for many and deserves a look if you’re in the market for a monster SUV this year.