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Ferrari Fans have been waiting for two things: for its Formula 1 team to fire team boss Mattia Binotto and for the new SUV to break cover. Well, this week has been a tough one. Binotto resigned as team boss, and the company announced that it’s pausing orders of the new Purosangue SUV for two years. Ferrari simply sold out.

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV is sold out

A gray 2023 Ferrari Purosangue luxury sports SUV is parked.
The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari

The Italian sports car company initially said it would never produce an SUV. But after Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley and others starting making money hand-over-fist with their SUVS, it was only a matter of time before we saw a Ferrari SUV. This spring, it announced the Purosangue SUV to great fanfare. And, according to Fox News, the rich and most-likely famous have snapped up the first two years of production.

Ferrari famously limits its production of new sports cars. It’s goal is to keep demand, and thus prices, high by producing fewer cars than the market calls for. But, Ferrari is expecting the Purosangue to be a hit and should be responsible for 20% of the company’s entire production output. Production started in this fall on the SUV.

Why you won’t see a used Ferrari Purosangue any time soon

If you think you’ll see a Ferrari Purosangue show up on your favorite classified site soon, forgettaboutit. Ferrari has strict rules on who can buy its cars new. It also has strict rules on when you can sell it, how you can customize it, and you can’t sell your car without telling Ferrari. Older Ferraris are beyond the scope of the company, but newer ones are certainly subject to the rules.

The company has become famous for handpicking those who are allowed to buy a new Ferrari. It’s likely that the owners of the first Purosangues were chosen by Ferrari insiders. Ferrari has become famous, too, for blacklisting celebrities from owning SUVs. DJ Deadmau5 and even TopGear host Chris Harris are not allowed to buy new Ferraris.

How much does the Ferrari SUV cost?

The Purosangue will cost $375,000.  Since most people will be forced to keep their Purosangue for a year, you’re not likely to see one on AutoTrader or Craigslist anytime soon. The car is expected to be so hot that even when they do show up used, they will be very, very, expensive.

But this SUV could be worth it. It will be one of the last great vehicles with Ferrari’s famous V12, which will make 715 horsepower. It’s a four seater, not five like most SUVs, but it does have a spacious rear hatch. The rear doors are rear hinged, and open “suicide” style. Time will tell where the Purosangue slots into the Ferrari lore, but if SUVs from other sports car manufacturers are any clue, it will be a hit.


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