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It’s a little more officially official. While we’ve known that Ferrari is going to introduce the new Purosangue SUV soon, today the company told us a bit more. Ferrari has been tight-lipped about the new super SUV, but in its sales report released today the company said the new “Daytona SP3 and Ferrari Purosangue will commence production in 2022 with deliveries starting in 2023.” That’s not much, Ferrari, but it does fill in a major gap: when will we see the new Ferrari SUV.

Will Ferrari ever make an SUV?

2023 Ferrari Purosangue
2023 Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari

Most people assumed that after former Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said, “You have to shoot me first,” before the company would build an SUV, that it would never happen. But over the last few months the company has released one, and only one, official picture of the new SUV. In it, we can’t see much. But, we do know some about the new Purosangue. In the news release, Ferrari didn’t add any more information about the Pursosangue, which means “pure blood” or “pure bred” in Italian.

What do we know about the new Ferrari SUV?

We know that it will have a V12 engine. We know that it will be taller than any other Ferrari, and we know it will seat at least four. Beyond that, most of anything that’s been reported on the Purosangue is speculation. Ferrari is super good at keeping its secrets.

Ferrari is already seeing record sales

A 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS with Assetto Fiorano package and red-and-white 250 Le Mans livery parked roof up in the desert canyons
2023 Ferrari 296 GTS with Assetto Fiorano package and 250 Le Mans livery | Ferrari

In the release, Ferrari said that it has shipped 3,455 cars so far this year, an increase of 28.7% year-over-year. For Ferrari that also means that it saw revenue increase 25% over the year. The company is discontinuing its relationship soon with Maserati and it’s discontinuing the Monza SP1 and SP2 cars. It did release new cars this year. Ferrari released the new 296 GTS in April, and in May the bespoke Ferrari SP48 Unica debuted.

Other super SUVs are bolstering sports car manufacturers’ profits, too

A grey Lamborghini Urus at a Supercar Sunday event.
A Lamborghini Urus at the Sharnbrook Hotels ‘Supercar Sunday’ event | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

Lamborghini recently reported its sales, too, and it also saw its best half-year results ever. Those sales, however, were led by sales of the $218,000 Urus SUV, which was responsible for 61% of the brand’s sales in 2022 so far. Lamborghini said it sold 5,000 vehicles worldwide. While it’s not the first SUV from Lambo, it has quickly become a must-have accessory for celebs like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

The Aston Martin DBX is $189,000 and features a strong V8. There are higher-performance variants, such as the DBX 707, which is probably one of the Ferrari’s benchmarks. The Bentley Bentayga, by contrast, is designed more around luxury than speed, though it’s not slow. The base model starts at $166,000 and it can quickly reach the $250,000 range with the Speed package, which drops in the 626-horsepower W-12 engine.


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