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Volkswagen is making a major push toward electric vehicles. This includes the ID.4 crossover SUV and ID. Buzz microbus, as well as plans for other electric cars in the coming years. Volkswagen also has a long-rumored entry-level EV in the works, and VW engineers in Norway might have taken this to the extreme. They built a crazy motorized EV office chair with many unique features.

Volkswagen electric office chair has a top speed of 12 mph

Man driving VW electric office chair in a hallway
VW electric office chair | Volkswagen Nyttekjøretøy via YouTube

When one thinks of automotive engineers, images of workers hard at work with tight deadlines might come to mind. However, perhaps the VW engineers in Norway that built the electric office chair had a little too much time on their hands in the depths of the cold Scandinavian winter. 

Built by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway, the EV office chair is simply called “The Chair,” as detailed by Motor1. While premium office chairs typically place an emphasis on maximum comfort, VW engineers took things in a different direction. They installed one with an electric motor so you can drive it. 

Riding on four-inch aluminum wheels, it has a top speed of 12 mph. In the video below, you can see the engineers comically buzzing around the office in the EV chair. Potential uses for the motorized chair include racing your co-workers, dodging a micromanaging boss, or emergency bathroom breaks when you really have to go in a hurry.

The 7.4-mile electric range of the chair is not very high compared to other EVs. However, it’s more than enough for your office needs — unless you were hoping to commute to work with it.

Many features on the electric VW office chair

The electric VW office chair has many features — even more than what’s in some cars. For safety driving around the office, it has a seatbelt. You’ll be strapped in, so you won’t have to worry about falling off when you make hard turns around the cubicles.

To alert others of your presence — or if annoyed by chatty co-workers and office gossip, you can blare the horn. And for lighting your way in dark hallways, there are LED headlights and strip lights. 

You can also crank out the tunes with the EV chair’s audio system, which has hi-fi speakers. If you want to raise the excitement at the office, turn on the flashing party lights. The chair even has towing capabilities with a hitch for hauling your files. Additional features include an infotainment system, a storage compartment, a backup camera, and 360-degree sensors.

Is the Volkswagen EV office chair available to buy?

Man driving Volkswagen EV office chair past a co-worker
VW electric office chair | Volkswagen Nyttekjøretøy via YouTube

You should hold off on making a trip to a local Volkswagen dealership or furniture store to purchase this fancy motorized electric office chair, though. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles built it as a one-off model to highlight VW’s lineup of vans and commercial vehicles. 

However, that doesn’t have to stop you from dreaming big for potential uses for such an office chair. As Volkswagen explains, “Now, we have finally created something for all of you who are stuck in office jobs.”


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