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It’s perfectly fine for owners to be proud of their trucks. The Tesla Cybertruck problems have provided tons of headaches while still relieving support. Despite using cheap materials and falling short of promises, Elon Musk still makes wild claims about the Tesla Cybertruck. 

Is Elon Musk ignoring Telsa Cybertruck problems? 

Elon Musk loves his Twitter or X app and recently tweeted that the Tesla Cybertruck is an armored personal vehicle from the future in response to a short video of the Cybertruck driving through water. 

He also tweeted that the Cybertruck eats pickup trucks for breakfast with a side of bacon. But what about all of the Tesla Cybertruck problems?

There are accounts of the Cybertruck dying after car washes, failing to get out of small amounts of snow, struggling on sandy beaches, and dying after traversing through shallow puddles. 

Also, it’s not exactly an armored personal vehicle. It is made of stainless steel with bulletproof windows, but the truck only stands up to lower caliber bullets, like shots fired from a 9mm handgun. 

It didn’t withstand gunfire from higher-powered fires such as the AR-15 or a .50 caliber rifle. People will probably be using their stronger weapons in the apocalypse. Also, good luck waiting around at a charging station if everything hits the fan. 

I don’t doubt that Elon Musk poured his heart and soul into this truck, but calling it a technology discontinuity is a stretch. Discontinuity is a fancy word for unique, which the Cybertruck is. 

However, it also means a distinct break in physical continuity or time, which is ridiculous. The Cybertruck isn’t from the future, it’s a current truck. Arguably it’s from the past because it was supposed to arrive in 2019. 

If the truck was from the future, then Telsa Cybertruck problems wouldn’t include things like the faulty accelerator pedal and wheel covers that destroy tires. A truck from the future would catch these problems before deliveries were made. 

The Cybertruck is new and exciting for some and used as a status symbol for the rich. It hasn’t proved it’s off-roading capabilities yet and finally received a locking differential. 

Plus, it was supposed to have up to 500 miles of range with the ability to tow up to 14,000 lbs. But it has a range of up to 340 miles and can only tow 11,000 lbs. It’s on par with rivals instead of outperforming them.