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Looking for convenient places to charge your EV, like Walmart, perhaps? You might ask how long it takes to charge an electric car at Walmart. While the exact charging time depends on your car and how quickly it can accept a charge, information on these public electric vehicle charging stations at Walmart is below.

Here’s how long it would take you to charge an electric car at Walmart

Back in 2018, Walmart and Electrify America partnered to bring electric vehicle chargers to stores around the country. This brought hundreds of certified cooled-cable 150 to 350kW DC Fast Chargers to stores in more than 34 states. Electrify America stations offer CCS, CHADeMO, and J1772 connectors, so most EVs will have no issue plugging in.

“The expansion of Walmart’s electric vehicle charging facilities with our ultra-fast charging systems will provide consumers with a quick and convenient way to charge their vehicles in the time it takes to make their Walmart purchases.” 

Mark McNabb | President and CEO of Electrify America

At the time, Electrify America said this could add 20 miles of range per minute. Using 50 kW CHAdeMO connectors or 50 to 350 kW CCS1 chargers, most cars only need 15 to 30 minutes of charging. The company says the chargers automatically give you the fastest charge the electric vehicle can handle.

Monitor how long it takes to charge your electric car at Walmart using the Electrify America app

How long does it take to charge an electric car at Walmart?
An Electrify America electric car charging station at Walmart | Walmart

Using the Electrify America store locator, drivers can find Walmart stores along the route with public electric vehicle charging stations. For instance, the Walmart at 160 Pooler Parkway in Pooler, Georgia, has five CCS connectors available and one CCS-CHAdeMO connector.

Depending on how quickly your electric vehicle accepts the charge, you can be in and out in under 30 minutes. Faster-charging cars might even be back on the road in 15 minutes. Sometimes, public stations tend to charge slower after a few years. How long it takes to charge an electric car at Walmart depends on your vehicle, as newer vehicles tend to charge faster and more efficiently.

Plug your car in and run inside the Walmart for a few minutes. You won’t want to leave it parked at a Walmart charging station for a long time, as this leaves fewer chargers for everyone else. The best way to monitor your charge is by using the Electrify America app. You can monitor the charging session from inside the store and get a notification when your EV is done charging. EA can also text drivers from the charger when the session is complete.

Pricing for a charge is variable, but Electrify America offers a discount with a subscription

Guests and Electrify America pass members have no session fee and a fee of $0.16 per minute for up 50 90 kW charging. Charging up to 350 kW has a price of $0.32 per minute. Pass+ members have a zero-dollar session fee and a per-minute charge of $0.12 up to 90 kW. Charging up to 350 kW had a cost of $0.24 per minute. This subscription has a $4 monthly fee, but the savings add up if you charge through EA frequently.

Electrify America says pricing is on the charger screen or the app for you to review before paying. A subscription to EA will offer lower prices per minute of charging, but you can also charge without a subscription. Using the app or planning your charge ahead of time is always suggested. You might be able to avoid broken chargers or long wait times this way.


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