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The Mazda Miata is one of the best small cars. However, it has a pretty big competitor in the Z4 as it’s a comparable roadster. Both are solid options, but some prefer a used BMW Z4 instead of a Mazda Miata as it has a few advantages. In particular, people seem to love the 2015 BMW Z4 as it’s one of the best used sports cars in the category. 

The used BMW Z4 is one of the best small cars for performance 

One reason some people might buy the 2015 BMW Z4 is because of the performance it delivers. According to Edmunds, it comes standard with a turbocharged 2.0-liter that has a maximum output of 240 horsepower. This used BMW Z4’s torque is 260 lb-ft. 

The used Mazda Miata is pretty popular as it's one of the best sports cars.
2015 Mada Miata

However, those wanting more power can go for the turbocharged 300 HP 3.0-liter V6. This used BMW Z4 has a torque of 300 lb-ft. This is one of the best used sports cars because it only needs 5 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph. 

Regarding the 2015 Mazda Miata, it needs about a second longer for the feat. It also only has one engine option, which some buyers find limiting. This is especially true considering it’s much less powerful than either powertrain for the used BMW Z4 roadster. 

The Z4 is more spacious than the Mazda Miata

Of course, no one buys a used Z4 or the Mazda Miata because they need a spacious car. After all, they both only seat two people. However, those who perhaps want a little more room to store things might like the luxury car more. They’re comparable, but the used BMW Z4 also happens to have the overall better looking interior, which makes sense as it’s more expensive when new.

2015 BMW Z4 vs Mazda Miata dimensions

BMW Z4AreaMazda MiataArea
167.0 inchesLength 154.1 inchesLength
8.0 cubic feetMaximum cargo capacity4.6 cubic feetMaximum cargo capacity
39.1 inchesFront Head Room37.4 inchesFront Head Room
42.2 inchesFront Leg Room43.1 inchesFront Leg Room
3,527 poundsCurb Weight 2,332 poundsCurb Weight

Overall, both the used Miata and the Z4 are among the best small cars for people looking for something a bit fun. However, they also offer two different experiences. Sure, newer Mazda Miata models have more features than older ones, but this is still a bit of a bare-bones car. The Z4 is as well, but much less so than the iconic Mazda.