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Introduced in 2017, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is easily one of the world’s most beautiful sedans. The Quadrifoglia trim puts BMW’s M Class on notice with a 505 horsepower turbocharged V6. But Alfa Romeo’s sedan is far from a straight-line car. The company’s CEO once promised its future EVs would be as nimble. But by the looks of it, the 2026 Giulia will be more of a muscle car.

Alfa Romeo finally shared some specs on the 2026 Giulia, and it is very similar to the Dodge Charger. That makes sense. Both companies are part of the Stellantis conglomerate. And both cars ride on the shared “STLA Large” chassis. They will both have EV and hybrid inline six cylinder gasoline variants.

The Italian automaker let slip that the Quadrifoglia trim will be and EV that will make a Model S Plaid-ish 1,000 horsepower. I fully expect that to be an AWD, three-motor configuration. Also similar to the Plaid. In fact, Alfa may have benchmarked the Tesla’s 2 second 0-60 mph.

This is interesting for a couple reasons. First of all, it will almost certainly share a powertrain with Dodge’s Hellcat replacement: the electric Charger Banshee. And while Dodge has been mum about its actual power numbers, Alfa tipped their hand.

Red Alfa Romeo 4C driving across a dam.
Alfa Romeo 4C, mid-engine sports car | Konoplytska via iStockPhoto

Second of all, this is very much a straight-line car. And with big batteries it will be heavy. But with current battery technology, light and nimble EVs are hard to build. So throwing an Alfa badge on a heavy electric muscle car is a good way to get into the EV game. And in the short term, this isn’t a bad thing.

Tesla is increasingly falling out of favor and companies such as Lucid are popping up to take its place. Honestly, the Giulia could be a smash hit, the perfect sedan to take a chomp out of the Tesla Model S’s green status symbol niche. And this will justify a proper Alfa Romeo EV.

You see, someone needs to make a proper EV sports car. And I think Alfa Romeo is the company to do it. With smaller shared Stellantis chassis, and speed gear pioneered by Maserati, the next generation of Alfa Romeos could be quick-charging, quick-accelerating, (relatively) lightweight EV sports cars. I’m thinking a new Alfa Romeo 4C. A new Alfa Romeo Spider. And who knows what else?

So while the 2026 Giulia is an overbuilt flamboyant Italian cousin of the Dodge Charger EV, that’s ok with me.