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Based on the latest numbers from BMW we can assume that US buyers are smarter than BMW thought. Why? Because in the US the BMW i4 has twice as many pre-orders as the iX. We would suggest that part of the reason why is because the iX is such an ugly tank.

2022 BMW iX thumbs down
2022 BMW iX thumbs down | MB

Also, the i4 is appreciably cheaper than the iX. This bucks the trend we’ve seen of SUVs and crossovers selling better than cars. But we still suspect that the ultimate arbiter of why this is happening surrounds how the iX looks. 

According to i4Talk, there are almost 2,100 reservations for the i4, with only 952 made for the iX. We are surprised there are as many like that, to be honest. In the western part of the US, the ratio goes up four-to-one in favor of the i4. 

The i4 is a repurposed Gran Coupe four-door EV that is aimed at the Tesla Model 3 segment. With a starting price of $55,400, the i4 is hitting the Model 3 price tag. The iX, on the other hand, starts at $83,200. But even at half that price, you’d still be stuck with an ugly SUV if you bought one. 

An iX can run over $100,000 with options

A black BMW 4 Series luxury automobile in the BMW Welt showroom, operated by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, in Munich, Germany
The BMW 4 Series | Andreas Gebert/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The BMW i4 M50 Is the All-Electric M3 Alternative

And the crazy part is that the iX’s sticker can easily surpass the $100,000 lid with all of the options it has available. How gullible must one be to pay that much for such a homely, ugly vehicle? And how proud must BMW be of this dog? Or, is this just a smokescreen to hide their true feelings about the iX?

Whatever the reason, we’re glad that American car buyers can see through the ruse. For decades BMW has produced some really great-looking vehicles. We don’t know what has happened to them but we hope they get their mojo back soon.