Think BMW Grilles Look Bad? Wait Until You See This

What’s up with BMW? There is a case of the uglies floating around them lately. The beaver-tooth grilles are laugh-out-loud bad. But how much worse can it get? How about plenty. Before you is the latest zany BMW to cross our path. This is the BradBuilds 2021 BMW M4 camper. 

Yes, when we think about camping we always wonder what it would be like to do it in a two-door BMW. Some say this is “stylish.” Functionally and visually we’re not so sure. We’re not sure because we have never thought about camping with ourselves. You see, this is a camper for one person. To us, that’s not camping so much as it seems it is more like escaping. 

Something good for the environment has to offset a 500hp one-person camper

2021 BMW M4 Camper | BradBuilds

Being a 500 hp coupe one wonders why anyone would consider this? Inside of that camper would be a bed and a kitchenette. Pushing the boundaries of nonsense there are solar panels to make this so much more environmental. After all, something good for the environment has to be offsetting this one-person camper with 500 hp. 

Of course, it would need to be lifted, which it is. It features the requisite knobby off-road tires tying in with the raised stance. Surprisingly, there is no winch in front. Hiding the massive grille with a big winch would be a positive reason for off-roading your BMW coupe. This is the definition of a missed opportunity for sure. 

So MotorBiscuit fixed that. We added a big ‘ole Warn winch in the front and guess what? It has improved the grille thousand times over. Covering up the beaver tooth grille makes this exercise come together in a stellar fashion. And it is only an exercise as it is only a concept. 

The problem BMW is having with enthusiasts accepting the gigantic grilles is fixed

2021 BMW M4 camper with big Warn winch | BradBuilds

2021 BMW 4-Series Sporting ‘Beaver Fang’ Grille: Oh No!

We couldn’t wait until April 1 to use as an April Fools joke. Sometimes bad ideas can lead to good ones so all is not lost. For starters, we have fixed the problem BMW is having with enthusiasts accepting the gigantic grilles. But there is still more one could do to this concept. 

We’d widen the camper so two could occupy it. That is if someone held a gun to our heads and made us explore an M4 camper conversion. Which no one is. We’d also pick a van or truck to start our off-road camping exploration with. Or maybe a bus. Lots of people are converting old school busses into motorhomes. We could also try to make it expandable both width-wise and height-wise. 

When one’s carbon footprint is factored into the M4 one-person camper, it looks like that footprint would be huge. That’s maybe not the best way to treat Mother Nature. But for those trying to make sense of BMW’s ugly moves at least BradBuilds is trying to divert one’s attention away from the beaver tooth grille mistake. We applaud and hope he doesn’t mind us taking liberties with the concept to find a terrific way to fix that front end.