Unreleased Ferrari Prototype Could Be the True LaFerrari Hypercar Successor

When the Ferrari LaFerrari arrived back in 2013, it instantly became the brand’s quickest and most powerful road car ever. Part of what made this Ferrari hypercar so interesting had to do with its hybrid powertrain. In 2013, hybrid sports cars were still fairly rare. Since then, the Italian carmaker has released a new hybrid model, the 1,000-hp SF90 Stradale.

A new video posted by Varryx on YouTube gives us a fairly comprehensive look at this prototype caught testing at Italy’s Fiorano circuit. While this prototype hides under LaFerrari bodywork, its exterior gives us several major clues.

What is this mysterious Ferrari prototype?

An image of a Ferrari prototype out on track.
Ferrari Prototype | Varryx via YouTube

As of writing, this latest Ferrari prototype leaves us with more questions than answers. Since the 1,000-hp SF90 Stradale broke cover relatively recently, it seemed as though the Italian carmaker wouldn’t debut a new hypercar for some time. However, seeing this prototype on track completely shatters that perception.

From the photos, we can clearly see that this prototype utilizes a LaFerrari body to hide its unreleased powertrain. However, as CarBuzz points out, there are some notable exterior changes. For starters, the prototype’s front bumper lacks a central fin previously seen in the LaFerrari, says CarBuzz. Additionally, a close look at the car’s side air intakes reveals a brand-new angular design.

Lastly, as CarBuzz points out, the car’s windows have also been redesigned. While Ferrari clearly isn’t changing anything on the LaFerrari, these stylistic changes are likely necessary for the secret powertrain that lies underneath. Speaking of which, a subtle clue on this car tells us it’s a hybrid.

It is likely a hybrid hypercar

An image of a Ferrari prototype out on track.
Ferrari Prototype | Varryx via YouTube

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For context, the Ferrari LaFerrari housed a naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V12 attached to one electric motor. The hypercar features a max output of 950 hp, allowing it to reach 60 mph in 2.4 seconds. In contrast, the much newer SF90 also employs a hybrid powertrain, just with a V8 instead. Regardless, it still produces just shy of 1,000 hp.

According to CarBuzz, the triangle on this Ferrari’s front hood indicates that it houses a hybrid powertrain. However, the question now remains whether or not it is still a V12. Since the spy video was shot at a considerable distance, we can’t clearly hear this prototype’s engine. However, if we had to guess, it will likely remain a V12.

When will this new hypercar arrive?

While Ferrari routinely debuts new special edition models, those are mostly based on current platforms with changes that most center around aesthetics. However, since the LaFerrari debuted back in 2013, it might be time for a new halo car. According to CarBuzz, rumors suggest that this brand-new model will arrive sometime in 2022.

Since Ferrari tends to sell its most special models before they even arrive, we’d wager that some owners already have deposits or complete orders for this upcoming model. We’ll have to wait until next year to see by how much it supersedes the SF90 and the LaFerrari.