Stolen Ferrari 308 GTS Found After 30 Years With 45,000 Extra Miles Going to Poland

The Ferrari 308 GTS was immortalized in the 1980s thanks to its appearance in the wildly popular series, Magnum P.I. In 1987, an owner of this now iconic Ferrari had their Italian supercar sitting in a consignment lot in Orange County. However, it didn’t stay there for very long.

According to The Daily Mail, the stolen supercar vanished for 30 years. However, authorities found it in LA as the car made its way to Poland. Once officials got a look at the odometer, they realized the car had covered over 45,000 miles since its disappearance.

How does a Ferrari 308 GTS get stolen?

An image of a Ferrari 308 parked outdoors.
Ferrari 308 GTB | Roger Viollet via Getty Images

Since the Ferrari 308 GTS owner had their car in a consignment lot, they had no idea the car got stolen in the first place. The incident took place in 1987, and the car seemingly vanished overnight. As you might imagine, the owner had the car fully insured. As a result, the insurance company paid the owner, and they carried on without a problem.

However, once the Ferrari 308 GTS vanished, the trail went cold, and everyone seemingly moved on. Weirdly enough, the car was reportedly hiding in plain sight. According to The Daily Mail, the stolen car was a 1981 model. However, the car thieves replaced the car’s VIN with that of a 1982 model. Once this transformation was complete, it was almost impossible to tell that this particular Ferrari was a stolen car.

After 30 years in hiding, the thieves decided to ship the Ferrari 308 GTS overseas to Poland. Fortunately, they committed one fatal flaw that alerted the authorities.

The Ferrari was going to Poland

An image of a Ferrari 308 parked outdoors.
Ferrati 308 GTS | Mychal Watts for WireImage via Getty Images

As the stolen Ferrari 308 GTS made its way to the port of LA, authorities began looking over the falsified paperwork. The car thieves had paid to ship the car to Poland. However, as port officials looked at the VIN, they noticed an unusual mistake. The VIN came back to a 1982 car that had already been shipped out to Norway in 2005.

Once the officials discovered the major mistake, the Ferrari 308 GTS went to get a full inspection. The Daily Mail reports that someone from Ferrari’s factory in Italy aided officials in identifying the stolen car. However, police reportedly were never able to find and convict the person accused of attempting to ship the car off. As a result, there are no arrests as a result of this finding.

Additionally, the car didn’t make its way back to the original owner.

Who owns this car now?


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Since the insurance company compensated the original owner of the Ferrari 308 GTS, this story doesn’t end with a happy reunion. Instead, the car, which now had an extra 45,000 miles on the clock, likely went to auction. Given the crazy history and high mileage, it is difficult to determine how much this car is worth currently. However, Hagerty estimates that a pristine example will cost you around $63,000.