Ferrari Allegedly To Have hybrid V6 by 2022, Sign of the Times

When I was growing up, the Ferrari 308 on the Magnum P.I. television show caught my attention. From there, I learned what an exotic car is. That is a low volume car, with performance to wow, a high price tag, and most often is created by a boutique manufacturer. Most times, that performance to wow comes from a V8, V10, or V12 engine. Ferrari is no stranger to high horsepower output. It has built many machines powered by those engine types. But, time has moved on, and manufacturers are looking for more efficiencies. So, hybrid electric and full-electric vehicles are being explored, even by Ferrari.

Ferrari acknowledged that change needed to happen

A red Ferrari sports car, powered by a V12, rounds a turn at a track.
2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta | Ferrari

In September 2018, Ferrari unveiled a plan that encompassed 15 new products. But, there was already an awareness at the time that something had to change in the engine department of the company in order to meet stricter environmental controls for these 15 new products. That’s when this was said,

“…the engine is the soul of every car. Perhaps the most important innovation will be the new architecture of the V6 family. The overall challenge, however, will be to develop power by improving efficiency and reducing emissions, and the road taken will therefore remain that of the hybrid. To that end, Formula 1 will also see a new family of turbo hybrids that are “fun to drive and perform” – Micheal Leiters, Ferrari Chief Technology Officer

Hybrids and V6s

It is no secret that hybridization of an engine is a way to improve fuel usage efficiencies. It is also not a secret that aftermarket companies have long been providing twin turbo kits for people to hop up some of their rides. The twin-turbo setup will, to a great degree, reduce turbo lag, which people aren’t fond of. It also captures a lot of waste gasses for reuse. V6s are popular engines for twin-turbo setups. So, the thought of a twin-turbo hybrid being explored by Ferrari should not be odd. Yet, it is because of the long, storied history of more cylinders being used by the manufacturer.

Time marches on for Ferrari as well

Time must march on, however. And, if a video posted on Youtube is any indication, Ferrari is already well into a development program for a hybrid V6. The channel called, Varryx, posted a video of a 488 GTB testing mule at a test track in Fiorano. The car rounded the corners without sounding like the Ferraris we know. In fact, it was a very… docile sound. The car is allegedly powered by a hybrid V6. Take a look and listen for yourself in the video posted below. 

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Ferrari is a company with lots of tradition. For example, Ferrari has always had a racing program for technology transfer. Also, most Ferraris are red. But, tradition helps you appreciate where you’ve come from. It shouldn’t, however, hold you back. Ferrari is not a company that holds back. It relentlessly pursues high-performance output and handling. So, it is not a company that is going to let a tradition of V8, V10, or V12 dictate its future. Instead, the company will keep marching forward with any technology it will find beneficial. In the case of this video, it seems like a V6 hybrid could be proving that point. Our friends at Motor1 believe a hybrid V6 car from the Italian automaker will arrive by 2022.