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The war in Ukraine is calling its people to be more industrious day by day, and that call has been met. As heartbreaking as the situation is, there are also bright moments amidst all the darkness. The world has watched the Ukrainian civilians exhibit stout hearts and a firm resolve to protect their home from foreign invaders. This modified BMW 6 Series with a mounted heavy machine gun is all of that heart and resolve rolled into one glorious symbol of resistance. Nothing says “resistance” quite like a luxury convertible with a machine gun sticking out of the top. 

Ukrainian Civilians Build the most badass BMW ever

Sorry BMW fans, but you’ve all been upstaged by some dudes in Ukraine. Ukrainian Weapons Tracker posted on Twitter that a new kind of light military vehicle was stalking the streets of Mykolaiv. 

According to various reports, including from the Independent, this mysterious light-arms vehicle is a modified E64-generation BMW 6-Series Convertible. Although civilians allegedly built it, it was gifted to the Mykolaiv police department to dole out heat on all who want some. 

At the risk of glorifying any further conflict, the Russian forces at the business end of this custom BMW should be familiar with this machine gun as it is the same old equipment mounted on Russian T-72 tanks

This Convertible BMW is putting off Jeep Willy’s vibes

American Marines In Beirut
American Marines In Beirut | Francoise De Mulder/Roger Viollet via Getty Images

The resistance BMW is not only a brilliant display of heart and courage, but it is also showing Russia that Ukrainians aren’t done being Ukrainian. Look at this thing’s design. Forget about the war machine aspects for a second and just look at it. 

CarScoops nails it when it calls the BMW humvee “something out of a video game.” It looks more like a defunct set piece from a post-apocalyptic game than a real vehicle driving around in our world. 

Some might think the convertible platform wasn’t the best choice for the mini tank. Tell that to General MacArthur and his many fleets of Jeep Willy’s in WW2. I don’t mean to evoke World War imagery in context with this new European land war, but those convertibles worked plenty well. 

Despite the precedent of convertible war vehicles, the Jeep was made for war; the BMW 6-Series wasn’t. On the one hand, the BMW wasn’t made to carry armored soldiers, munitions, and a soviet-era mounted machine gun. On the other hand, we’ve all seen the wild YouTube videos of BMW drivers drifting the hell out of BMWs. Maybe there are some tactical advantages to building a nimble and quick offensive military vehicle?

How fast is this mounted BMW 6-Series? 


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Since the badging is all removed and we can’t see under the hood, we don’t know which engine option is in this BMW. I guess the best we can do is close our eyes and wish like hell that it’s got the hotrod 4.4-liter V8 with 325 horsepower and 330 foot-pounds of torque. 

Mostly, I hope that for the well-being of the Ukrainians using it to fight. Although secondarily, I hope it has the V8 because I like the image of a snarling V8 roaming the streets defending against the encroaching military force. 

If the pro-Ukrainian painted body panels and machine gun were too subtle, let the BMW’s bumper sticker spell it out for you –  it reads, “Russian warship… f*** you”.