Do Travel Trailers Come With Generators?

With social distancing a major part of lives, a movement frees outdoor adventurers to work and live a greener life. Working remotely is a more frequent reality. Pair that with a beautiful camper, and you are set for remote living. So, what exactly is a travel trailer, and do they come with a generator and everything your remote office needs? MotorBiscuit investigates the increasingly fascinating travel trailer for answers.

What is a travel trailer?

A cream and gray travel trailer with a single tree in the middle front, parked beyond a pond where the reflection of the RV can be seen. There are two darker blue and one lighter blue lawn chair in front of the travel trailer. There are other cars and travel trailers in the background.
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A travel trailer is an enclosed trailer pulled by another vehicle to sleep, eat, and play in. These trailers range from prefabricated luxury items to recreated cargo trailers.

All travel trailers have one thing in common; they cannot pull themselves. You will need a medium to a large truck for larger trailers or 5th wheels, but some smaller trailers, such as a teardrop, can be pulled by a car.

The amenities included in a travel trailer depend upon the manufacturer, your budget, and the size of the trailer. Some of these trailers have convertible sections to allow you to carry small toy vehicles in the back.

Others are just small enough to contain a bed and pack other camping essentials. Living in a travel trailer is almost equivalent to living in a tiny home, except this one you can take with you!

Do travel trailers come with generators?

One of the most wanted amenities is the ability to have electricity anywhere. This is especially true when there is no RV park around with electric hookups.  Generator, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV access are among the top wanted services. They are necessary for full-time use of a travel trailer, especially in hotter climates.

Most travel trailers do not come with generators. They have the ability to hook up to RV park setups, but they cannot power themselves.

The size of your trailer and the power you consume will indicate which generator you will need to look at. Trailers that have multiple AC units will need a larger generator. A minimum of 50 amps is necessary to maintain the comfort inside.

Smaller trailers with one or no air units can carry a smaller generator to power lights and other electronics. Take care when using a generator to power a trailer. Solar power is another available option.

Work-from-anywhere solution with a travel trailer


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As more people work remotely, some have found nature to be the social anxiety cure. So how can you set up your travel trailer to become your mobile office?

Larger trailers have a table that you can convert easily into your desk. Pair that with reliable electricity and internet access, and you are in business! Some have found that this setup gives them more freedom to enjoy their surroundings and more focus when it comes to working.

The best from Thor Industries

These trailers from Thor Industries provide an excellent example of what a travel trailer can be and do for you and your family.

The Sonic X can sleep up to five people and has built-in solar panels with available options such as a toy rack or shower.

Another option is Jay Flight, a larger trailer with many amenities, such as theater seating, solar panels, and power jacks. There are many extras available for every trailer from Thor Industries to make the trailer your number one spot.

Thor Industries provides wonderful trailers to choose from, and many other companies will custom-make a trailer to suit your needs.

Now that you know the extras needed for travel trailers to become your happy place, it’s time to travel. Most that are sold do not come with generators or solar panels, so be aware that these items will be at an extra cost.