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Vehicles are important in our day-to-day lives, so owners must sometimes fork over cash to get them repaired. Luckily, some repairs can be relatively inexpensive. However, this isn’t the case when you need a transmission replacement. The problem is that not everyone knows when it’s worth it to replace the transmission or if it’s best to either get it repaired or simply cut your losses.

Here’s whether or not transmission replacement is right for your vehicle.

Is transmission replacement your best option?

Replacing a transmission is in no way a cheap endeavor. This means there are a few reasons why this may not be the best idea from a financial point of view. Generally, the overall value of the vehicle is a significant factor. Typically, a transmission replacement will cost thousands of dollars. The cost includes labor costs, parts, etc. Of course, previously used transmissions are less expensive.

Buyers should know that transmission replacement for luxury cars might cost significantly more. The same is true for larger vehicles.

Transmission repair
Stock picture of a transmission | uatp2 via iStock

The high price of transmission replacement means drivers should ensure it’s worth it. According to Protect My Car, if your vehicle is worth more than $8,000, you should consider replacing the transmission. This is because, in most cases, the value of the car is still a decent bit more than the repair. Replacing the transmission in a vehicle that’s not worth much could be a financial waste.

Transmission rebuilding or repair are cheaper options

Transmission replacement might seem attractive to many owners. However, transmission repair is also a solid option. This is particularly true in situations where the damage isn’t too severe. Of course, an auto mechanic can help owners determine if the transmission is beyond repair. This not only saves money, but it could also be a solid option for cars with lower values.

Repairing a transmission involves fixing minor issues such as solenoids, removing grime and sludge, and adjusting throttle cables. This method is the least expensive way to fix a transmission that doesn’t have excessive damage.

Having your transmission rebuilt is another option. In general, rebuilding a transmission costs about half of what it takes to replace it with a new one. A rebuild can be a good idea if it needs multiple fixes, previous minor repairs haven’t worked, etc. Of course, this won’t take as much time as transmission replacement.

In general, no one wants to have to have a transmission replacement. Not only is this expensive, but replacements can take quite a while to complete. Luckily, there are cheaper and faster options for vehicles that either aren’t worth enough to justify the cost or don’t have severe damage.