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A man looking over his car, getting ready to change his oil during regular maintenance
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Can You Avoid the Most Common Auto Repair Issues?

The most common auto repair issues can’t really be avoided. That said, here are some of the problems nearly every car owner will face. Even if you stay on top of regular maintenance, there’s a high likelihood you’ll deal with at least one of these common car problems during the life of your vehicle. Changing …
An image of a Ferrari F50 split in half for a service.
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Ultra-Rare $3 Million Ferrari F50 Gets Split in Half for a Major Service

The Ferrari F50 is undoubtedly up there with some of the greatest models the Italian carmaker has ever produced. However, buying a Ferrari costs more than its base price. In fact, many of these specialized models require major services done by specific mechanics. Today we’re covering a major Ferrari F50 posted on YouTube by John …
Tyre Reviews truck tires tested
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Say No to the Donut, Demand A Full Spare Tire Instead

One thing that’s easy to forget about when buying a new vehicle is the spare tire. Depending on if you’re buying a new truck, used SUV, and the trim level you choose, you could get a donut, full spare, or fix a flat and prayers. But you need that full spare for safety.  Why you …
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5 Car Problems It Never Pays to Avoid

Have you ever heard a mysterious noise coming from the engine bay of your car and then turned up the volume on the radio to drown it out? If you can’t hear it, it doesn’t exist, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as ignoring and noises, glaring issues, or even warning lights on your dashboard …
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Can Compressed Air Really Remove Dents On Your Car?

Do you have annoying dents on your car from a recent hail storm? Or does your car have battle scars from the local grocery store parking lot? Either way, those unsightly dents can put a frown on your face every time you look at your car. So why not repair it with a can of …