There’s Still Fun to Be Had in These Older SUVs Under $5k

So maybe you’ve got a great daily driver from a recent year that does its job well. It’s reliable, it’s still under warranty –– in fact, it’s all you need. Or is it? What if you could get another vehicle for under $5k that still has tons of miles of fun left in its life.

This list shows some examples SUVs that are loads of fun and won’t break the bank, so they are feasible as a second car. It’s nice to have another car in the driveway that you aren’t afraid to get dirty and put through the paces.

These old body on frame SUV models can become a part of the family for less than 5 grand. Plus, they put the “utility” in sport utility vehicle, and are perfect for weekend yard work or recreational fun.

The third gen Toyota 4Runner

For $4,200 this third generation Toyota 4Runner with less that 200,000 miles on it can be yours. This is a family friendly 4×4 that loves adventure. Load everyone up plus your gear and hit the road for a weekend of fun.

A third gen 4Runner loaded down and ready for fun.

Or hitch up a trailer or boat. This old school 4Runner has a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. Either way, this is a fun older SUV for less than 5k that’s still raring to go.

The second gen Chevy Trailblazer

If you are looking for a fun weekender with 4×4 capabilities, the second generation Chevy Trailblazer may be exactly what you are looking for. They are definitely out there for less than $5k.

Third gen trailblazers can still climb.

This little beast tows the most on this list with a max capacity of 5,400 pounds. They can be found with under 200,000 miles for $4,800. These older Trailblazers have miles of fun left in them and they’re ready for action. Even cooler if you can track down a 2-door first gen.

The third gen Mitsubishi Montero

These third generation Mitsubishi Montero are out there with under 200,000 miles for $4,300. The iconic Mitsubishi Montero was once an off-roading favorite, and actually still maintains popularity.

The third gent Montero in the wild.

This 4×4 for less that $5k could be your next weekend mudding machine. They have plenty of space for passengers and gear, can tow up to 5,000 pounds, and they are so not finished having fun.

The second gen Isuzu Trooper

The second generation Isuzu Trooper is another iconic all terrain SUV that can be found with under 200,000 miles for the low price of $3,988. This 4×4 doesn’t deserve to be left on the lot.

These lovable adventurers have miles of fun to spare. They don’t play around when it comes to navigating the rough stuff. Plus, they can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

The first gen Nissan Xterra

There is definitely some novelty in a first generation model. The first generation Nissan Xterra is the cheapest on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least fun. For $3,900 an Xterra can be found with less than 200,000 miles.

An Xterra facing off the desert.

This is another one on the list that is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds. This really ramps up the fun points earned for the Xterra. A better tow capacity just leaves your options open, right? The first generation Nissan Xterra is an awesome SUV for under $5k.

The fun won’t stop

These old school SUV gems still have potential years of miles of fun times left to be had in them. They aren’t ready to retire, and they can be picked up for less than $5k. Older cars can require more maintenance than new ones. Additionally, they may not be as fuel efficient as their modern counterparts.

That aside, if you’re in the market for a recreational extra vehicle that can have a little fun and get the job done, some of these may be worth giving a second glance. They are great old cars with 4×4 capabilities and they start at a price point almost anyone can afford.