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You are the proud owner of a beloved SUV. Whether it’s been with you for 150,000 miles and is like an old friend, or it’s a pretty new purchase and you are replacing its tires for the first time, you want to make sure you are buying the best tires for your SUV.

You know that keeping good tires on your SUV directly affects optimal performance. Tire choices can also be pretty pricey. Four new tires is a big decision. Naturally, you want to make the right choice.

Does size matter?

There are many different things to consider. When researching which tires to buy for an SUV, you have to account for multiple differences between models.

There are large SUVs that fall into the truck category. There are also smaller crossovers and compact SUVs which require a different type of tire entirely. What are the best tires for an SUV? Well, that depends on its size and performance expectations. So, yes. When it comes to buying tires for your SUV size does matter.

Depending upon which SUV model you are tire-hunting for, tire options range far and wide.

What does the internet say?

After doing some research of my own, it was difficult to find a common opinion on the best tires for an SUV. One thing is clear –– don’t skimp on new tires. A $140 tire that lasts double the miles of an $80 tire is always worth the extra cash.

Tires are one of the few maintenance-related parts that we have total control over. As long as they fit, they can go on the vehicle. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they should, though. So how should you choose the proper tire for your SUV?

Finding the right tires for your SUV is a game-changer.

How to choose the right tire

First, take into account the size of your vehicle. There are all-season and high-performance tires available for midsize and compact SUVs. If you drive a larger SUV, there are special tires designed just for trucks and larger vehicles.

Each vehicle comes with tires that are compatible with its specific speed rating. To move outside of that rating isn’t good for your car. What you drive, where you drive, and how you drive all have an impact on what tire is the most appropriate, but it is still wise to choose within the increments set by the vehicle itself.

What are the best tires for an SUV?

There are a lot of good tires out there. This, unfortunately, can make it pretty difficult to reach a final decision about which tires to purchase for your vehicle. What I found were three different reviews with varying top-rated tire choices.


Are Snow Tires Really Worth It?

There was one common choice between two of the reviews for their highest-rated contender in the race to see which tires are best for an SUV: the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season Radial Tire. The runner-up is the BF Goodrich T/A Sport LT.

There are loads of other great tires out there, too. The main thing to bear in mind is which SUV you drive on what terrain, and the way it’s being driven. Do your research. It’s also important to maintain the knowledge that great tires aren’t cheap, but they are way worth the investment.