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Michael Andretti recently hit the track in a record-breaking cake car that looked good enough to eat. The delicious racing cake was almost entirely edible. Guinness World Records awarded two titles for the creators of the racing confections. 

ilani Casino Resort hosts cake car rally

ilani Casino Resort celebrated the recent opening of its new six-story parking garage in a unique way. The Washington state resort hosted what might be the world’s first race featuring cars made from cake. Two drivers paired off in vehicles that were over 90% edible.

After the race, spectators cut into the record-breaking cake cars to celebrate. Cake designer and racing enthusiast Mike Elder created the fantasy machines with the help of more than 40 team members. Famous faces made the race feel official.

Michale Andretti rolls into cake infamy

Michael Andretti has led an illustrious racing career. His legacy combined with his father’s are part of racing history. Few have shared the distinction of piloting an edible vehicle. As such, this was surely his most unique race to date.

The celebrity cake artist and founder of Black Sheep Custom Cakes was the mastermind behind the world-class treats. He assembled a team of bakers, artists, and engineers to accomplish this noteworthy feat. Elder piloted the black cake against Andretti.

Cake cars set two world records

Mike Elder set two world records with their four-wheeled cakes. Elder set the land speed record for the fastest edible car at 17 mph. Carey Iennaccaro set the previous record in 2012. She hit 10.68 miles per hour in a cake car she constructed with Elder. 

Technical specs of a 17 mph cake

Each car was baked then built on an aluminum chassis. To qualify for the record, both vehicles were required to be made from more than 90% edible materials.

Other than the frame, steering wheel, and tires, all 600 plus pounds of Andretti’s car were edible. An incredible 284 chocolate and vanilla sheet cakes were baked and used in the construction of the black racer. Both cars are push-propelled with no brakes, motor, or fuel on board. 

It took Elder’s team of nine people 46 hours to finish building the cars. Buttercream bonds each layer to the next. Secondly, Satin Ice fondant gave the cars a clean finish. Artists painstakingly detailed the cakes with badging, a fun-o-meter, and advertising just like any sponsored racecar. 

Race crew and event attendees were subsequently served the cars. Meanwhile, vulnerable communities shared hundreds of pounds of leftovers after the event. Volunteers from local non-profit Share Vancouver helped prepare and distribute the donation.

Cake designers took inspiration from two specific cars

A white race car driven by Michael Andretti that inspired the design of the record-breaking car made of cake
Michael Andretti famous championship car | Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images

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The white record-breaking cake car must have felt familiar to Andretti. He drove one just like it when he won the 1991 CART PPG Indy Car World Series Championship. Layers of sheet cake, rich frosting, and Satin Ice fondant recreated the famous racer. 

Conversely, Mario Andretti’s 1979 lotus inspired the design of the black car. The team used layers of chocolate sheet cake to construct this edible vehicle. This nod to Michael Andretti’s father’s Formula 1 championship gave the lighthearted event a sentimental touch. As a result, it was a memorable opening.