This Land Rover Defender is Delicious and Feeds 2,000 People

Apparently, people are getting famous on TikTok for things other than wrecking their cars. People are now getting famous for cooking? The social media platform, which I still don’t really understand, has somehow started baking and cooking trends that people recreate at home. I don’t know; this is what my wife tells me. Although a famous TikTok baker made this massive cake, I doubt anyone at home will try to recreate it. Land Rover decided to commission a replica of a Land Rover Defender to commemorate its two-millionth Defender.

I’ll take a slice of Defender quarter pannel with my coffee, please

The TikToker responsible for the massive motoring cake is Lara Mason of Cake Anything. According to The Drive, the 4×4 baker has become a bit of a TIkToc superstar after she started sharing photos and videos of her past creations. Mason makes cakes that are modeled after various pop-culture icons like Baby Yoda, Billie Eilish, and Harry Potter. 

The Drive reports that Mason was contacted by Land Rover and asked to build this colossal cake back in 2015 when Land Rover hit the Defender’s two-millionth unit milestone. She constructed a special wooden frame to build the cake around and set off baking. 

As is the SOP with TikTok and other social medias, she took a time-lapse video of the cake’s assembly and posted it to the web. The Sponge cake she made to build the cake is light and delicious but not exactly the most stable building block. So that wooden frame she made was used to support the many layers of stacked cake to give the sculpture enough rigidity to stay upright for long enough to serve – and of course, photograph for more social posting. 

There’s always room for cake

After the baking was completed, she had to start adding the details. The “paint” is made of icing and food coloring, while the details like the windows, trim, door handles, lights, and so on were sculpted using a more firm type of sugar icing called fondant. According to The Drive, this massive 4×4 treat was reported to have been enough cake to feed 2,000 people at the Land Rover celebration. 

Massive Land Rover Defender replica cake
Massive Land Rover Defender replica cake | The Drive, Cake Anything

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That following year, Jaguar-Land Rover open a new factory building and wanted a cake to commemorate the day. They knew there was only one woman for the job. After the smash success of the 4×4 treat, Mason created an edible engine, this time. The details looked so good that it barely looked like something you should eat. The Bolts, castings, and other bits made the block look ready for install. 

From Land Rover to Mickey Mouse

After her massive success baking in the corporate world and the TikTok rise to fame, Mason gets commissions for other automotive-themed delicacies. She has had orders for replicakes of an Aston Martin, a Mini Cooper, and a Harley Davidson. 

The real job came when she was asked to make a hot-rod cake for the king of cartoons himself, Mickey Mouse. As much as the TikiTok and other corporate gigs added to her fame, baking a cake for Mickey Mouse is hard to top. 

Although she is known for her massive motoring and life-like pop-star cakes, Mason is still taking orders for normal-sized and shaped cakes, if for some freaky reason you are into less cake. All I know is that I have never wanted to eat a tire so bad in my whole life.