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Porsche is one of those car brands that don’t typically need a commercial for someone to know its name. It’s a classic car company, a timeless one, one that begins revolutions.

From being in Hollywood movies like Top Gun and Scarface to being the car of choice for icons like James Dean and Steve McQueen, Porsche has made a name for itself. To prove it’s even cooler than ever, Porsche has even partnered with Stars Wars. The next thing on the cool list would be to take part in the Super Bowl.

Of course, those that have the money to buy the pricey sports car probably don’t need the enticement or convincing a commercial provides, so it makes sense that there hasn’t been a Super Bowl ad by Porsche since 1997. But believe it or not, Porsche is about to change that with the first Super Bowl commercial showcasing its cars in a very long time, and it might take a few viewers by surprise.

Porsche and the Super Bowl

Back in 1997, Porsche aired a commercial to show that the Porsche was a cut above because it was built by hand, not machines like other sports cars. Watching it today sure makes 23 years ago seem like a VERY long time, as Super Bowl commercials have certainly changed.

So has the cost. Back in 1997, Porsche would have paid the average price for an ad back then, which was approximately $1 million. Today, that cost averages over $5 million for a 30-second spot. There must be a really good reason Porsche felt it was time to get back into the Super Bowl commercial game.

Reaching new audiences

As the brand explained to,

“The Super Bowl’s scale and energy make it a perfect venue for reaching new audiences—in a fun way that connects with the Super Bowl’s own themes of performance and competition.”

While audiences have dropped in the past few years, the Super Bowl is still the most-watched television event of the year, so the audience will be eager for both football and the much-anticipated commercials. And if the car it’s featuring in the ad is what is expected to be, then the timing is certainly right.

Right time, right Porsche

Porsche has a lot of great options to feature in its ad, but there’s one in particular that makes the most sense to be featured. The Porsche Taycan is ready for its big stage debut, as it’s Porsche’s first electric vehicle.

The timing is also right for people to be interested in it, as electric cars are gaining in popularity. Even better? The Taycan is said to be the fastest charging electric car on the market right now — an excellent angle for Porsche’s Super Bowl commercial to take.

About the Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan hit dealers this past December, launching with a price of $154,860 for the Turbo and $188,960 for the Turbo S. Soon after, the 4S made its debut, starting at $105,150.

Later this year, there is said to be a base model coming out that will go for under $100,000. There are plenty of reviews out there to study up on the car and learn more about it, but it’s likely that it won’t disappoint. It’s a Porsche, after all.

With the ability to go from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and an entirely new acoustic experience where you’ll hear virtually zero noise on your ride except your heartbeat, it can’t be beaten. We’ll save the rest for the commercial, though, so we don’t spoil the surprise.

Get Super Bowl commercial ready

Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the action of the game itself or to watch the often hilarious, sometimes over-the-top, and always expensive commercials, you likely won’t be disappointed. With the 49ers and Chiefs set to go head to head, it’ll be a game worth tuning in for, just as the Porsche Taycan will be an electric car worth checking out.