5 Porsche Taycan Reviews You Have to Read

Seven years ago, Tesla introduced the Tesla Model S to the world, proving that electric vehicles don’t have to be boring. With the Porsche Taycan, Porsche proves that you can enjoy everything you love about Porsches and still drive an eco-friendly vehicle. The Taycan represents Porsche’s first foray into the world of long-range electric vehicles and many are thrilled with reviews that the car is better than many anticipated. There are some who even consider the Taycan a Tesla killer. 

If you’re considering purchasing a Porsche Taycan for yourself, there are five Porsche Taycan review videos you need to read.

Jalopnik compares the electric 2020 Porsche Taycan to Tesla’s Model S

Are you curious about how the Tayca compares to the Tesla Model S? If so, you need to read Jalopnik’s  The Electric 2020 Porsche Taycan: What We Learned Over 400 Fast Miles the comprehensive review not only provides you with a great deal of information about how the Taycan handles, but opens the review with a clear description of what Porsche needed to bring to the table if they wanted the Taycan to sway drivers from the Model S.

David Tracy, the author of the review, does disclose that Porsche went out of their way to make it easy for him to review the Taycan, but he swears that didn’t influence his opinion of the vehicle. While he’s doesn’t think that the Porsche Taycan will stop people from purchasing a Tesla Model S, he does feel that the Porsche does provide a great deal of competition and that the quality and overall performance of the Taycan, coupled with the power of the Porsche name, the vehicle will impress sports car lovers. 

He felt that the Taycan was outstanding all but one area. The Taycan’s range is shorter than the Tesla Model S.

MotorTrend discusses what Teddy Roosevelt and the Taycan have in common

When most people think about the Taycan, or any of the vehicles in Porsche’s lineup, their thoughts don’t usually include President Teddy Roosevelt. MotorTrend’s reviewer is an exception. As they handled the Taycan, they couldn’t stop thinking about how Porsche’s marketing program seemed to be modeled after one of Roosevelt’s favorite sayings. In addition to talking about Porsche and Roosevelt, the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S: The 750-HP Electric Car Review also spent a great deal of time reviewing how well the vehicle handled, how it compared to the first version of the Tesla Model S, and if they thought that the Taycan has the power to change the way most of us think about electric sports cars. The reviewer was particularly impressed with how the Taycan handles.

RoadShow shares its thoughts about the 2020 Porsche Taycan

The RoadShow assigned Tim Stevens with the task of reviewing the electric sports car. His review, 2020 Porsche Taycan first drive review: Breakthrough provides some interesting insight into how the Taycan handles, especially it’s braking system.

While he was pleased that he was awarded the opportunity to spend a day driving the already famous electric sports car, he’s quick to point out that writing an honest review requires more time behind the wheel. Still, he gave it his best shot.

One of the first things he noticed was that while there was enough room for his six-foot frame, he felt that anyone taller then himself would bump their head on the roof. 

While he was test driving the Taycan, he got a glimpse of many of the other highly talked about E vehicles that are expected to hit showrooms soon. He felt that of the group of electric sports and luxury vehicles, the Taycan was the best looking. Since he was most interested in how the vehicle handled, he chose a review route that took him through hilly and curving terrain, rather than the flat but fast Autobahn. He was impressed by how well the Taycan handled at all speeds. He was less impressed with the fact that if you want to slow the Taycan down, you need to use the brakes or be prepared to coast for a good long while.

While impressed with the 2020 Porsche Taycan, Tim Stevens did feel that there was room for improvement.

The Taycan leaves a lasting impression on Car and Driver

In Eric Tingwell’s Car and Driver review, 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S Is a True Electric Sports Sedan, Tingwell focused on two things: speed and the Porsche brand. He can’t get over how the Taycan does everything fast. It accelerates quickly, it whipped around the Nürburgring circuit track with impressive speed, and the battery even charges fast. 

The other thing that impressed Tingwell was that everything about the Taycan, from the cockpit, to the exterior design, to the way the vehicle handled felt very true to the Porsche brand. His review made it seem like most of the time he forgot he was driving an electric vehicle, which is a pretty impressive feat!

One of the most entertaining parts of Tingwell’s review is his description of what triggering the Taycan’s launch-control start felt like.

The Mortor1 review of the Taycan jolts forward

Motor1.com’s reviewer, Basem Wasef, can’t stop talking about the Taycan’s launch control. He swears that it’s much faster than the 2.6 seconds. Apparently, it’s quite a jolt, especially the first time you use the feature. 

While Wasef was extremely impressed with the way the Taycan handled, he was most impressed that Porsche didn’t try to rush the car through the design and production stages, that they took their time and really focused on creating a vehicle that will provide some serious competition for Tesla. He feels that the Taycan is a perfect marriage of eco-friendly values and sports car fun.